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Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?

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Is there any more beautiful way to light up a hall than with stained glass? The timeless beauty of stained glass is beloved the world over and whether you live in a modern or older home, you can enjoy the atmospheric loveliness of stained glass.

This North London stained glass window company creates beautiful pieces for homes, businesses and churches in addition to repairing older damaged windows and examples of stained glass.

The workmanship necessary to create one handcrafted window is quite extensive. Much expertise goes into the design and creation of the pieces but companies like the one linked to above will work with clients to create the ideal work of art for their home or business.

Where can Stained Glass be placed?

Wherever there’s a window or in some cases not! Occasionally people utilise antique windows which have been reclaimed from abandoned or collapsed buildings and use them as art pieces in their own right. Sometimes placing a light behind them to maximise the effect.

Stained glass window with pot on windowsill.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

More usual though is to have a piece of stained glass in a front door, or in the surrounding windows of a front porch. Many people also like to have a feature window added to their home…most commonly in hallways or somewhere at the front of the house so that it can be admired from the street.

An advantage to stained glass is that it also provides a lot of privacy whilst still allowing light into the hallway or room in which it is situated.

Choosing a design for stained glass windows

Your choice of design might be influenced by the period in which your home was built. For example, houses built in Victorian times often boasted quite rich and complex floral designs or even religious scenes.

Homes built from 1900 onwards often had simpler designs, geometric patterns were particularly popular and they’re very effective when done in bright jewel colours.

Some people, when commissioning stained glass windows for their newer homes like to personalise their designs. Often with themes or emblems which are important to the members of the household.

This is a lovely idea and a way in which all members of the house may contribute to the design. Favourite flowers and plants, animals and even sports teams have been depicted in family designs. These can make wonderful conversation starters as any visitors to the house will be sure to admire and ask about the window.

The care of stained glass

It is recommended that stained glass is cleaned minimally. Dusting is needed regularly and when necessary, gently wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. If possible use only distilled water for your stained glass windows because hard water could damage your glass over time and leave marks on it.

Whether your home is contemporary or heritage, there’s nothing as beautiful to add to it like stained glass. It’s something which will last for many, many generations to come and adds value to the property too!

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