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Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

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A question I have asked and seen asked so many times, “How can I help my child with their homework?” I have paired up with an independent school in Leatherhead to provide parents with some helpful advice.

Working out how to best help your child with their homework is no mean feat. There are hundreds of questions that we all ask ourselves:

  • How involved should we get?
  • Should we leave them to work it out by themselves?
  • Should we force them to do it every night?
  • Should they tell the teacher when they do not understand something?

At times it can feel like your child’s school is handing out a never-ending stream of quizzes, workbooks, tasks and projects which more often than not lease to ‘can you help me?’.

Child Doing Homework
Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

So why are children given homework?

Teachers set homework to consolidate what has been taught in school, and to help pupils to develop as independent learners. Children who regularly complete the homework they are proven to achieve better results than those who don’t.

How can we help them?

Get involved

Children of any age love to have one on one time with their parent/s and would benefit greatly from you sitting with them at homework time and working together. Not only will you get to spend some quality time and help your children with their school work you will also have more of an insight into what they are learning at school.

Provide encouragement

Make sure you are encouraging your child to do well by using positive language and introducing a reward chart. This will help your child to learn that hard work pays off!

Set up a study area

Make sure the homework space has all the appropriate books and stationery so that they don’t have to pause their homework session to go and look for something. It also must be free of anything that might distract your child, like television or toys.

Child Studying Doing Homework
Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Make it more fun

Homework time doesn’t always need to be so serious! Invite a study buddy over or introduce some competitions and games when revising. If you make it my enjoyable your child will not dread homework time which will make it a more pleasant experience for everyone!

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