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Planning An Event

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Events come in all different occasions, it could up be planning a Party (Birthday, Christening etc), Seasonal (works Christmas Party) or even planning a wedding. Each event takes a high level of planning, making sure the event is a success and all guests have a great time.

As well as owning my blog I also help manage our own family business of which we have a small team of staff. Each year I help out with arranging our Christmas Party event or various staff nights out during the year too.

With our Christmas Party just around the corner here are some of my top tips for arranging an event. These top tips can also be relevant for other occasions too.


The location is important for any event, is it local to all your guests? No one wants to be travelling too far for an event if you all like in a similar area. Keeping it local also means you are also supporting your local businesses too.

Big House For Hosting Event
Photo by Elizabeth Jamieson on Unsplash

Another thing to consider with regards to location, accommodation. If you are holding an evening event are you nearby to a hotel, is there a hotel on site. Having guests stay over after an event means the evening can be more relaxing, enjoy a couple of drinks and not have to leave earlier to get home to bed.


Does the location you are looking at have enough space to cater for the number of guests you want to invite? This is incredibly important is you are looking at venues for weddings or hosting an event for dozens of people. Check with the on-site events team, check with the plans for the event and make sure there is space. Especially if there are other events going on at the location at the same time.


Any event comes with a requirement of food, whether it be a buffet for a sit-down meal. Again, be sure to check with the on-site events team to check with there menu of meals which would be available for your event.

Dietary requirements for your guests would also need to be considered, be sure to check with your guests for any allergies/allergens to ensure that your guests can be catered for at the event too.


If your event is going on for a couple of hours you may want to consider the possibility of entertainment. Do you need to arrange your own entertainments, do the events team know some people they can recommend? Perhaps your event is taking place at the same time as others in the same room, is entertainment already planned for the event?

Be sure to plan or know if there is a theme going on so that you and your guests can be prepared.


Last but not least, the price. After weighing up all the other options you want to be getting the right deal for your money. Considering your options with regards to location, space, meal and entertainment you now have to decide is the value of the package ideal too. Personally we like to weigh it up based on cost per person. Also taking into account extra’s we can order for the table, bottles of beer, wine etc.

Prosecco at Christmas Event
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

With all this in mind, you should have a pretty good idea of where you want to go to host your event. So whether you are looking at venues for weddings, birthday parties or Christmas parties be sure to weigh up your options of locations to see which fits your requirements best.

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