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How to Make Changing Schools Easier for Your Child

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Whether you are relocating or having problems with your child’s current school, changing schools is never easy for any family. Every parent facing this challenge wants to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible, without causing too much emotional stress for their child.

There are many ways you can prepare your child for the changes ahead and help with their transition to a new school. Read on for some helpful advice from St Christopher School in Letchworth…

Talk through the changes

Try to address any concerns your child may have about starting a new school. They will need to get used to new surroundings, new teachers and new friends. All of these changes can come as quite a shock for some children, so it is important to talk these through. Tell them that it is normal to feel nervous and let them know that you will always be there to listen and support them.

You could also arrange for your child to speak to a student from the new school. This could be a friend, relative or neighbour. This will give them an opportunity to ask questions and get to know more about life at their new school.

Get to know the school

It is important that your child familiarises themselves with their new school, as early as possible. Take them along to open evenings, events at the school and arrange a guided tour to get to know the layout. The school website is another useful tool for getting a feel for the school, as they usually offer helpful FAQ’s or an information section for parents.

Plan their journey

Whether you will be dropping your child by car or they will be walking, cycling or taking the bus alone, it is important that you both get to know the journey to school, before they start.

This will not only ensure that your child is on time, but it will also help your child to feel more comfortable with their new routine.

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