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Helping Your Child Battle Exam Nerves

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During exam periods, lots of teenagers feel stressed and overwhelmed. At times they even struggle to cope with the rising pressure to succeed. As a parent, it’s important that you do all you can to help ease this pressure and help your teen feel confident and prepared. Here are some top tips from a London private school.

In the run-up to your child’s exams, try and be as positive and optimistic to keep their spirits high. Let them know how proud of them you are for trying their best, but make sure they also take enough study breaks. Little and often is far more beneficial when it comes to revision than long sluggish hours with no downtime. Encourage your child to start their revision as early as possible and help them prepare a revision schedule so that they can prioritise subject areas that they might be struggling with. Make sure they factor in some leisure time within their schedule so that they have a chance to wind down.

Help Battle Exam Nerves with planned revision.
A teenager working on Homework preparing for exams

If you plan to help your child study, it’s important that you understand their learning style as this will determine what approach you take. For example, auditory learners tend to prefer talking over their notes and reading aloud. Visual learners might prefer to draw out diagrams and use plenty of colours. Identify their learning style and try out appropriate revision techniques accordingly.

Keep an eye on your child and make sure they aren’t getting distracted whilst revising, as this will only lead to last-minute stress right before the exam (when they realise they don’t know what they need to know). Set up a study area for them away from the TV and video games etc. You should also encourage them to leave their phones on silent or put them in another room so that they don’t start wasting time on social media.

If you think your child is seriously struggling with anxiety, it might be worth speaking to a professional for further support. What’s more, it might be wise to employ a private tutor to help your child with their studying.

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