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Family Expenses You Just Can’t Avoid

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Family life can be expensive, there is no way of getting around it. There are so many things we can splurge on when it comes to our families but there are also some things which you really can’t go without. Here are some of those expenses which always need to make their way into your outgoing payments.

School Uniforms

The more children you have, the more uniforms you are going to have to buy. You are also going to need spares as children are always getting into some sort of mess. No-one wants to have to run an emergency mid-week wash because the kids got a bit too messy in art class and they now don’t have a jumper to wear.

Child in School Uniform
Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Your school might also have restrictions on the uniform you need to buy. While some schools allow basics to be bought from supermarkets, others demand that everything have the school logo on it somewhere. This means that you will have to buy from specialist stockists which will always be more expensive. If you need to pay for this type of uniform, be prepared to be shocked when you see the final bill.


There are many different types of insurance which you are going to have to take out for your family. If you are travelling abroad, you might want to take out a travel insurance policy. Life insurance ensures that your family will be taken care of in the event of a tragedy. And to protect your house and belongings you should consider home and contents insurance.

All of those insurance policies are optional, though, but there’s one type of insurance that is mandatory – car insurance. Insuring your car (or multiple cars, if your household has more than one) can be a major financial outlay, but luckily you can often find UK car insurance for an affordable price if you use a comparison site to compare your options before you buy. Finding the best cheap car insurance providers can offer is going to require some research on your part, but you should be able to find the right policy eventually.

After School Activities

Most parents want their children to get a good balance of after school activities. This allows them to interact with children outside their friendship groups at school and build important skills which will last them for life. From sports teams to arts-based activities like drama to community groups like the Scouts, there will be plenty of things in your local area for them to try.

However, these activities can add up. There is nearly always a membership fee to pay, there might be a uniform to buy, and you might also have to pay for trips away and extra activities. However, these activities are incredibly important for your children. Ask your children about the activities they would like to do and then take a look to see if there is a club nearby.


Even a family of three can produce a massive food bill each month if they are not careful. If you are making packed lunches and trying to cook homemade meals each night, you might be spending even more. How do you balance providing nutritious meals for your family with your bank balance?

Saving Expenses by Batch Cooking
Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

Meal planning and batch cooking are probably going to become a massive game-changer for you. Being able to know exactly what you are cooking and how to get your hands on the ingredients for cheap will hopefully save you some money. You can also switch to a low-cost supermarket like Lidl or Aldi for cheaper food without sacrificing quality.

Expenses are a must but there are also some places where you can save money and put it back into the family for something else. Take a look at your budgets and see what changes you could make now.

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