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A Small Bathroom Make Over With Make My Blinds : Review

We’ve now lived in our home for nearly 2 years, slowly and when required we have given the house a lick of paint and to add our own personal touch to each room. Recently it was the turn of the bathroom, as with all bathrooms they regularly get damp and can grow a bit of mould. We frequently keep on top of this by bleaching the ceilings and walls but with time the paint had begun to dry out resulting in it becoming flaky in patches so we knew we needed to get a new coat of paint around the room.

One thing about our bathroom that really bugged me though was the chunky blinds, they also hated being cleaned as all the dust clung to them making them impossible to wipe down and freshen up. That blind just has to go!

In perfect timing, the team at Make My Blinds got in contact to see if I would be interested in reviewing for them, so we swiftly got to work painting the bathroom, removing the old blind and ordering our new bathroom blind.


Ordering our new blind couldn’t have been simpler. Using the webpages How To Measure feature I was able to gain the measurements I required from my bathroom to order my new blind. With our new blind, we opted for a recess fitting blind to give that feeling of a bit more space in the bathroom away from our old chunky blind.

On the webpage itself, there are so many styles of blinds to order, from our chosen Wooden blind, there are also Vertical, Roller, Skylight, Venetial, Bay Window and Perfect Fit blinds.

From choosing the blind you want to order you follow the simple instructions of inputting your measurements, selecting whether the fitting is to be exact or fit into a recess of a window, the slat size and where you would like the controls fitting for raising/lowers or altering the slat positioning.

For our review we chose to receive the Editions Goose Grey with Rolling Fog Tape, choosing to receive a light coloured blind to brighten up our room.

From ordering to delivery took less than a week and from here the experience only got better!


Over the weekend my husband got to work installing the new blind whilst I was doing other jobs. Within 15 minutes he’d drilled the new holes into the wall and popped the blind in place so unfortunately, I have no packaging/DIY images as it all happened so quickly.

Blind from Make My Blinds with Slats Open
Blind from Make My Blinds with Slats Open

My husband was keen to explain to me that installing the new blind was a piece of cake, the installation instructions were very clear and pretty self-explanatory. Included with the blind and instructions was also a bag of fittings which were needed for the installation process.

Blind Lowered and Closed
Blind Lowered and Closed

Our blind has been in place now for a couple of days and it has added so much to our bathroom, it feels light, looks brighter and has made the room feel fresher.

Blind from Make My Blinds Raised
Blind Raised

The mechanisms for using the blind are easy to use, no jamming or hard tugging required and they run very smoothly.

Raise Cords
Raise Cords
Tilt cords on the blind
Tilt Cords

Having given them a quick clean once in place I am pretty sure these won’t get clogged up with dust like our last blinds.

We like doing the odd bit of home refurbishment, see what else we’ve been up to recently with the For Home review section of my blog.

**This is a gifted review. We were provided with a blind of our choice from Make My Blinds to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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