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Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator RTC1000 : Review

We frequently drive a lot of miles, either visiting family or friends in the North, holidaying, or driving to various archery competitions around the country, our family car gets a fair amount of high mileage use. One thing I’ve never carried in the car was a tyre inflator, thinking “I’d never have a flat” or “I’ll just pop the spare on if I get a low tyre” but that’s now changed thanks to Ring sending me out a Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator RTC1000.

Front of the Digital Tyre Inflator Box
Front of the Digital Tyre Inflator Box

Back in January, I bought our new car, every month it reminds me to check the tyre pressures to ensure they are always at the right level and that my car runs as economically as possible. This job has now been completed 8 times, meaning I drive the car to the garage every month, sometimes costing me £1 (depending on which garage I use) to have the pressures checked. It’s become a part of my car maintenance routine. But now I can complete the monthly routine on my driveway without paying out at a garage, fantastic!

The Ring RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator

This RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is a perfect addition to any vehicle and does not require a mains plug to make it work. You can run it from your 12v socket within your car so you can use it wherever, whenever.

Unboxing the inflator I was immediately impressed with the storage pouch provided as everything included with this set will all stay together and stored tidily.

Contents of the Digital Tyre Inflator
Contents of the Digital Tyre Inflator

Inside the pouch was;

  • Tyre inflator
  • Spare valve caps
  • Gloves (to prevent dirty hands)
  • Spare 15A fuse
  • Other valves for different accessories, such as inflatables, footballs or pushbikes.

With the inflator you have to option to complete monthly tyre checks like I’ve been doing, or inflate your tyre from flat should you get into a pickle. As this inflator is designed to be rapid, on average your tyre can be inflated from flat to full within around 2 minutes, perfect if you’re in a rush.

How To Use

First, you need to get power to your Inflator, simply fully unwind the power cable and find a 12v socket in the vehicle to plug it into. The length of the power cable is 3.5 meters so it is more than long enough to reach each tyre of your vehicle so long as the inflator is fed through the correct side of your vehicle.

Plugging the inflator into the car using the 12v socket
Plugging the inflator into the car using the 12v socket

Next up, take the inflator to the tyre you are working on and using the 70cm air hose connect the hose to your tyre valve. The hose not only features an air output value for inflating your vehicle tyre but also a deflation valve should your tyre be over-inflated. To use, simply press the deflation valve button.

The little black button is to deflate the tyre, simply press to use.
The little black button is to deflate the tyre, simply press to use.

With the inflator powered on (on my vehicle, the engine needs to be running for this to work), you can use the yellow dial on the front to set your target tyre pressure. The inflator works with pressure settings such as PSI, BAR and kPA. To use the quick-set dial you can press the dial to select your pressure setting you require and then also turn the dial to reach your required target tyre pressure.

With the inflator connected to your tyre valve and your target pressure set, simply press the big power button and your inflator will begin working. When it is happy it’s reached the correct tyre pressure the inflator will automatically stop inflating your tyre.

The target pressure is what I've selected and the pressure above is the current pressure in my tyre.
The target pressure is what I’ve selected and the pressure above is the current pressure in my tyre.

Its recommended with this tyre inflator to only use it for a maximum of 15 minutes, if upon this time your tyre is not inflated it’ll become pretty apparent your tyre will need replacing as it’s popped rather than deflated.

Last but not least, its best to mention that this tyre inflator also has a built-in LED lamp perfect for use in the dark. To use the lamp simply press the lamp button when the inflator is plugged into your car 12v socket.

Our Verdict

So far we haven’t had to use the inflator in a run-flat situation but we have checked (and put more pressure) into our family car and business van and its worked perfectly.

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**We were sent the RTC1000 Digital Tyre Inflator for free to test and review. This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something via my blog I will receive a small commission. All words and opinions are my own.

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