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How To Be More Involved In Your Child’s Education

As a parent, the more involvement you have in your child’s education, the more likely they are to succeed. This has been proven by thorough research and is most probably due to the fact that children whose parents are involved and show an interest in their learning are more likely to try hard and attempt to impress. If you’re unsure how to be more involved, here are some tips from a prep school in Putney.

How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Express a Positive Attitude to Learning

Start by trying to express and encourage a love of learning. The right attitude can go a long way and children tend to adopt the feelings and behaviour of their kids. With that said, if you show how excited you are to learn something new and speak about school with a positive outlook, your children will be sure to embrace a similar mindset. 

Find Opportunities to Learn in Every Activity

You should also try and find a learning experience in everything you do. For example, if you go for a walk through the forest, you could talk about the different types of trees, animals and bugs. When you’re cooking, let your child help you measure out the ingredients. Every activity provides an opportunity to learn something new, so don’t take that for granted. 

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Help Your Child with Homework

If possible, sit down with your child during homework session and offer a helping hand. Children often feel like they’re missing out on fun activities with the family if they’re locked away in their bedroom trying to do homework alone. Having you sat there next to them will help them feel more at ease, as they’ll know that you’re not doing something more entertaining in another room. What’s more, you’ll be able to offer them a helping hand if they get stuck, preventing them from feeling frustrated and giving up.

Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

Your child’s teacher will be thrilled to hear from you, as they appreciate a parent who wants to support them. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to contact the school for updates on your child’s progress; communication doesn’t have to be limited to Parents’ Evening.  You could even ask the teacher for an outline of your child’s curriculum so that you can reiterate key lessons at home.

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