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How Much Screen Time is Too Much for My Kids?

Researchers and professionals say that too much screen time can have a detrimental impact on a young person’s physical and mental health. But how much is “too much”? A prep school in the South West explore below. 

How Much Screen Time is Too Much for Kids?

The truth is, trying to understand what a healthy amount of screen time is, is not an easy pursuit. As well as promoting lazy, sedentary behaviour, social media can also be a platform for cyberbullies to attack and body image issues to arise. Of course, there are many benefits to modern technology and it’s up to parents to decide how much time is appropriate. You will have to rely on your best judgement to determine how much is too much, not only for your kids but perhaps also for yourself.

How much screen time is too much?
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Consider whether or not your child is still engaging in enough physical activity and social interactions rather than spending every minute of their free time playing on their smartphone. If you think they have become a bit of a hermit, you might want to consider limiting their tech use and encouraging them to spend more time outdoors and with friends. You could even suggest they join an extra-curricular club.

You have probably heard the phrase “everything in moderation”, which is even true of screen time. If your child is getting all of their homework and chores done, eating dinner and having a short burst of tech time, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Regardless, you might want to set some basic rules, like no screens after 9pm, no screens at the table etc. to establish boundaries.

Research is currently inconclusive on this subject and in the coming years, professionals might get closer to understanding the damaging effects of technology use. Until then, you’ll have to trust your instincts, as only you know your child well enough.

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