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5 Ways We Improved Our Livingroom

When we moved into our new home we were already happy with the living room decor that the previous occupants had left behind. We just needed to get our belongings into the place and work at making some minor improvements to suit our style.

Sometimes these changes can be done without much hassle or mess involved but every improvement, regardless of size, makes a positive change. So here are 5 top tips to improve your livingroom to give it that WOW! factor.

5 Ways I Improved Our Livingroom


Our furniture really didn’t suit the style of the new decor, it was rather old, dated and damaged but we also needed a new sideboard to fill a gap in the new livingroom. We had 2 options to make them fit right back in before acquiring a new sideboard.

Upcycling, this option is mainly for those with a crafty persona, who don’t mind getting dusty and covered in paint. The rewards of doing such a thing will mean your furniture is JUST how you want it to be and unique.

I’m neither crafty nor enjoy getting dusty so this option really wasn’t for me. Plus, some of the furniture was just the wrong style at all.

So instead I save some pennies and headed out on a shopping trip. Finding some perfect furniture from Oak Furniture Land and the rest from IKEA.


The sofa is a large item within your living room, and usually, something people look at straight at when entering your home. So it’s important your sofa looks appealing, comfortable and unique.

Our then-current Sofa was just TOO big for our living room, to the point we had to split it into two pieces just to make it remotely fit in the room. We just had to get a new sofa and quick!

Whilst waiting for our new sofa to arrive I opted for a couple of options to make the sofa look less scary to anyone visiting. I bought large throws, covering the sofa and tucking them into the seat edges. This gave them a new look whilst waiting for our new chairs and then finished them off with some cushions.

My livingroom with all its new decor and changes.
My livingroom with all its new decor and changes.


As yet we haven’t changed the living room flooring, we currently have carpet which was relatively new and sparkly clean when we moved in. 20 months later, it’s looking less sparkly clean nor new with having 2 adults and 2 kids walk through the room numerous times a day.

The rest of our downstairs features Laminate Flooring, which I think we will be continuing through into the livingroom when the flooring needs replacing. As laminate flooring is much easier to maintain, keep clean and looks great at all times.


We just loved the colours of our living room walls when we moved in, so much so we still haven’t repainted them nearly 2 years on. But what we did do though is to create a feature wall just to give the room our own touch. We did this by simply wallpapering one wall, the wall that faces you as you walk into the room. It features a similar colour the colours of the other walls and it’s certainly been commented on enough when we have visitors.


Sometimes just the littlest of changes can make a big difference, there’s nothing live having a new lamp or ornament to complement your living room. I found such a perfect shade for my diffuser when we’d completed our feature wall that I just had to have it and it complements our room so well.

What changes did you need to make to your home when you moved in? Leave me a comment

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  1. Kim Carberry

    25th September 2019 at 2:21 pm

    All the changes sound great. I love the wallpaper in your living room.
    We’ve only lived here 3 months so haven’t done much in here. We got a new sofa set and that’s about it. We are planning to decorate at some point x

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