Short Break To Blackpool

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids away for a couple of days to Blackpool. It was the first time I’d taken the kids away alone and we wanted to have a couple of great days together. We certainly managed it!

We arrived in Blackpool on a Wednesday and spent 3 nights there, returning home on Saturday. It may seem like a lifetime ago now but it was during the heatwave too and the hottest day ever recorded in the UK.

For the duration of our stay, we found a small family hotel up past the North Pier which was lovely and perfect for the 3 of us.

A Short Break In Blackpool – What We Got Up To


On Wednesday afternoon, we quickly unloaded the car to the hotel as we could check-in at 2 pm and then hit the beach as the weather was just perfect on the coast. Our hurrying was short-lived unfortunately as the tide had just come in and the coastguard was emptying the beaches north of North Pier to keep people safe. But after a short walk toward the pier, we found a jetty with plenty of people still enjoying the water which to kids made quick work of joining in too.

On The Beach at Blackpool

After a good play in the water and the tide coming further and further in, we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for tea. That evening Lewis was booked into go Go-Karting with his uncle and grandad for the evening so we needed to eat and be over in Preston for the evening.

Upon our return back to Blackpool we discovered the tide had gone back out, the kids were delighted and I couldn’t not let them go onto the beach before bedtime. Even if it was already 9.30pm!


We woke up rather muggy this morning, we were forecast a day of extremely hot weather and then later in the afternoon thunderstorms. After a very yummy full English breakfast from the hotel, we headed to the central pier for the day.

On the Beach at Central Pier

Not quite fed up with the beach from the previous days visit the kids made a beeline for the sandy stuff and we spent a morning paddling in the sea, playing in the sand and collecting shells.

A couple of hours later we stopped for some lunch before heading to the Sealife Centre Blackpool for a breather from the heat that was rapidly building.

The kids loved their visit, Lewis’s favourite creatures were the Sharks whilst Leah loved seeing the Sting-Rays.

Lewis with his Sealife Souvenir

Afterwards, the heat outside was just excessive, the kids were struggling so we headed for some ice creams in a lovely air-conditioned McDonalds restaurant which is when the first thunderstorm rolled in.

After the storm passed we spent the rest of the day lurking around the town, in the arcades and playing on the beach before calling it the end of the day and heading back to change, ready for tea.

That evening we took a drive through the promenade of Blackpool, stopping occasionally to see various sights and views.

Huge Glitter Ball at Blackpool South Pier


We woke this morning full of excitement for the day, today was the day we were heading over to Lytham St Annes to play on the beach with some close friends. We were to meet up with Tina and crew from MotherGeek and we really did have a fantastic day.

The weather was a lot cooler today and it was an amazing respite of the heat that we’d been experiencing. The kids were much livelier and enjoyed running around with their friends.

Lytham St Annes Beach with Syd
Lytham St Annes Beach

After an action-packed day, the kids were much calmer in the evening opting to spend the evening winning tickets in Coral Island to claim some treats from the kiosk to round up our short holiday. Oh! And another evening trip to the beach, this time armed with a supply of doughnuts.

Blackpool last night

We really did have the best time in Blackpool, I’m not going to lie, it was tough going it alone but I’d certainly do it again any day!

We need suggestions on where to visit next for a short break, please leave us a comment below on where you think we should visit next.

Thanks for reading, be sure to check out the Holidays section of my blog if you enjoyed reading this.

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