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A Day At Dudley Zoo

Recently I took the kids to Dudley Zoo, a fair-sized Zoological Garden located in Dudley, West Midlands. A 15-minute drive from either junction 10 or junction 9 of the M6 (depending on which direction you were arriving from).

Our Visit to Dudley Zoo

The Grounds

Entry to the Zoo is very fair, we paid £33 for 1 adult and 2 kids and we spent 6 hours on-site enjoying the sights and attraction.

Map of Dudley Zoo

Armed with our map we made our way into the attraction and took an immediate beeline for the Chairlift. Back when Leah was in year 1 she went on a school trip to Dudley Zoo but wasn’t allowed to enjoy the Chairlift so it instantly became a “must try” during our day, so much so we actually enjoyed it 3 times!

Chairlift at Dudley Zoo

As I mentioned earlier, Dudley Zoo is set within the grounds of Dudley Castle and is located on the top of a hill. The entry for the zoo is located at the bottom of the hill and the attraction spans around paths leading up the hill to the castle.

Dudley Castle

Within the castle grounds at the top of the hill, there are numerous things you can do, there is a demonstration area and we were fortunate to arrive on time to see a Birds Of Prey talk before heading off to take a look in the Castle Creatures area.


Within the Castle Creatures area of the Castle, you will learn about the history of Dudley Castle, leading up to the arrival of Dudley Zoo in 1937. You will learn about the previous owners of Dudley Castle, it’s lifespan, the great fire and also the various animals that also roamed around the castle in historical times.

Inside The Grounds of Dudley Castle

After our visit to the castle grounds, we headed back out of the castle to begin our exploration of the attraction, meeting the residents and making the most of our visit.

The Residents of Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo hosts a great home for many animals, and from visiting the attraction we were delighted to see that all the animals were well cared for and seemed happy in their environments. Some of our favourite animals are as follows;

Sealions at Dudley Zoo

Animal Interaction

From when I was a child I remember trips to the zoo and there being limited animal/human interaction. Zoo’s of today have changed a lot and feature small but fun animal interaction sections to their attractions. Dudley Zoo has a couple of these areas making you and your family’s visit just that little bit more memorable.

First up there is a section to Dudley Zoo named, Down On The Farm. Here you can meet and greet various farmyard animals. We particularly enjoyed stroking the goats.

Over at Wallaby Walkthrough you can walk through a decent sized enclosure and get up close to the resident Wallaby’s here, there are various warning signs here advising you to keep a distance from these animals and only to follow the designated walking areas.

Wallaby Walkthrough

Lemur Wood is a one-acre walkthrough area, home to around 30 different types of Lemur. They are particularly cheeky and inquisitive little creatures and love nothing more to learn what you are carrying with you. One Lemur, in particular, was quite intent on learning how to climb my umbrella!

Lemur Woods

Last but not least was this amazing Lorikeet Lookout, here we got to meet the residents up close and personal, especially if you picked up a little tub of nectar on your way in! These Lorikeets love nothing more than this little tub of sweet stuff and will land on your hand to enjoy some of it. If your even more lucky they will also land on your head.

Lorikeet Lookout


For the littlest of people who can struggle with their attention of seeing all the animals during their visit, there are multiple playgrounds for you to stop at. I couldn’t help but notice the number of playgrounds available, perfect for those who need a break from seeing the animals.

The site provides this fab, picnic and beach area. Allowing children and parents to rest whilst also having a play. Complete with various beach type toys, buckets and spades, giant deck chairs. Kids and big kids alike will be entertained for a while.

'Ow Bin Ya' Sands at Dudley Zoo

The variety provided at these play areas is perfect for all playing on them, regardless of age.



Not forgetting to mention facilities, Dudley Zoo features one main cafe/restaurant, The Oak Kitchen, which serves a variety of lunches, hot or cold. Meanwhile, other snack and drink areas are dotted around the attraction but only open at peak/busy periods. For our visit, we only noticed The Oak Kitchen was open.

There are plenty of restroom’s dotted around the site, you are never more than a 5-minute walk from a bathroom should you need to go.

Our Verdict

There’s no hiding that we had a fantastic visit to Dudley Zoo, having never visited before it was a fantastic visit and a perfect way to spend a full day without having to rush around to make sure we saw all the exhibits.

Having visited a short time ago the kids keep talking about their visit even now, Lewis’s favourite attraction (and mine!) has to be the Lorikeet Lookout, we particularly loved getting close to the residents here and the baby Lorikeet was gorgeous! Leah’s favourite animals were the penguins and the giraffes.

We look forward to visiting again in the near future.

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** We paid for our own entry to Dudley Zoo for the day, we have not been asked to review or share our experience from our day. All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. Micamyx|Senyorita

    7th September 2019 at 10:09 pm

    Looks fun! I’m planning to visit Dudley Zoo and the Black Country Museum with my family before I leave the UK. The Midlands have a lot of spots perfect for family day outs 😀

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