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Heroclip: Review

Recently we have been trying out Heroclip, a multi-functional clip hook which you can twist hang stuff pretty much anywhere you need it.

We’ve all been there, where we have been carrying a bag, handbag, child’s change bag and we’ve needed to put it down. Our first port of call would be to put them on the floor which is often dirty, dusty or even in a public bathroom. This is where the Heroclip comes into play, simply twist the Heroclip into an open position and hang your possessions away from that dirty floor.


About Heroclip

Heroclip is made from Aircraft-grade Aluminium and features a rubber grip for holding onto surfaces.

The amount of uses for a Heroclip is endless, and it’s certainly more of a suit the requirements of the user-product rather than being told what to use it for. So long as you have something that needs hanging and somewhere to hang the clip to you are bound to have a reason to need a Heroclip.

The Heroclip comes with a couple of features which I have never seen in a hanging product before. It features a secure carabiner clip to attach to your product and then extend the hook with a rubber top grip to grip onto the surface you are hanging from. The clip promotes a 360-degree swivel hook, meaning it can all fold in on itself for storing but also when expanded it can be used in any direction.


There are 3 different sizes of Heroclip available to buy, the Mini with a load capacity of 40lb, the Small with a load capacity of 50lb and the Medium (which I received to review) with a load capacity of 60lb.

Sizes and technical details of Heroclip’s available

Where To Use Heroclip

As mentioned before, Heroclip can be used pretty much just about anywhere! So far I’ve tested it out in the garage, I’ve hung my daughter’s doll pushchair (pictured below) from the support beams in the garage but also tried it out with a pushbike and a garden shovel – so long as the weight doesn’t exceed the recommended hold weight for your chosen clip you are fine.

Heroclip in use in garage
Using the Heroclip in the Garage

The main use I use my Heroclip for is on my handbag, my day to day bag is a frame backpack with a double handle top. This makes it much easier for hanging on tables when out dining or on cubicle doors when using public restrooms.

Dining Room Table
Testing out Heroclip on my dining room table

Other suggestions that have been noted are for using the Heroclip on pushchairs for carrying shopping or babies change bag, for travel to attach another bag to your roller suitcase, for fishing and for attaching to a tripod when out doing photography.

My Verdict

As mentioned earlier, I was provided with a medium Heroclip with a load capacity of 60lb for my review and this has served me incredibly well so far. I recently took the clip on our trip to Blackpool and it really did save me from putting my handbag on dirty floors when I wasn’t carrying it, either at restaurant tables or public bathrooms.

Bathroom Door Heroclip
Testing out Heroclip on a public bathroom door

If you are looking to purchase a Heroclip for yourself and your thinking the smaller clip would be absolutely fine for you with regards to its load capacity, you may want to consider the hooks actual size. For example, the mini clip would be fine for any handbag or change bag but the overall size of the hook may make it difficult for hanging off any table as it is a lot smaller and won’t fit on many table ledges. I thoroughly recommend just purchasing the medium clip and never getting it wrong.

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** I was gifted a Medium Heroclip to test and review, all words and opinions are my own. This blog post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something via my blog I will receive a small commission. All words and opinions are my own.

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