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Getting The Best TV & Broadband Deal For You

Nowadays having the internet and some form of TV package in your home is a must, seeing it as a requirement rather than a luxury. If your home is like mine, we rely too much on our TV and broadband package to keep us online and the kids entertained with their favourite programs.

The last thing any parent wants to hear from their children is “the TV/Internet doesn’t work!”, especially when they are relaxed watching a movie and all of a sudden they are having problems. Unfortunately, this is an issue I am seeing too much of recently and as a result, we are considering changing our providers.

Where To Begin Looking?

There is a wide range of providers out there, all fighting for your business. You need to make sure you have the right deal and service for your home. All too often on social media, I am seeing people asking total strangers (who live countrywide) for the best company to choose for their home. As you can expect the results of such questions usually brings out people suggesting every single provider which is just baffling. You need to find the right TV and Broadband deal for you and also for your location, for example, Virgin Media doesn’t supply coverage to the whole of the UK, only areas that are cabled.

To find out which company is right for your home and location you need to do some digging. You need to find out which provider gives the best coverage and download speed for your area but also speaking with people in your area to see how their service is too.

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Things To Look Out For

When doing a comparison search you want to be getting the best package for your in reflection to your needs.

Download Speeds

If its download speeds which are important to you, you want to be looking at packages with the highest average speed. For example, if you live in a household with high internet usage you want a service which provides a higher average speed to help keep all the gadgets going.

Most broadband packages start from 11mpbs, leading to 36 and 56mbps, and another provider claims to have an average speed of 200mbps. So it’s important to know what your current provider provides and what you actually need from your service.

TV Package

If it’s TV channels you want you may need to do some digging to find out which package each provider will supply for you in your package. Most comparison sites will let you know just how many channels the provider will supply for you but do they provide the channels you actually want? Usually a “find out more” button is provided so you can be linked to the provider to take a look at just what channels they will provide.

Last But Not Least

In and amongst all this confusing information there are also 3 other things you need to watch out for

  • Savings – Some packages come with savings, to try and entice customers in. That’s all good and well but sometimes those savings may only last a couple of months, so just be careful as you don’t want to be suddenly hit with a price spike unexpectedly.
  • Set-Up Fees – Some contracts some with set-up fees, which will need paying prior to the installation of your equipment.
  • Contract – Watch out for the length of your contract, as packages come with either a 12 or 18-month contract.

If this post on finding the best TV and broadband deal for you has been helping, feel free to check out more on my blog.

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