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Achieving The Perfect Garden For The Summer

As Summer is now upon us, we are enticed into spending more time outdoors. Making the most of the warmth of the sun, doing odd jobs in the garden or just sitting out and enjoying the surroundings.

To make the most of being out, it is ideal to have a good garden to look at, and equally important to have an outdoor living space that feels good to be surrounded by too. Ensuring spaces are not too cluttered, easy to manoeuvre around, well decorated and easy to maintain.

With a tidy and well kept garden we are drawn to spending more time outdoors, inviting guests round to enjoy the summer with you or just dining outdoors as a family.

But for all this to happen, it’s important to keep your garden maintained. Here are my top tips for achieving the perfect garden for the summer.

Well Kept Garden

I always find the main key to enjoying your garden more is to have it nicely presented, well cared for and garden accessories looking clean and fresh. Having a well-cared-for outdoor space always looks more inviting, cleaner and everything looks healthy.

Lawn Care

During winter months your grass won’t grow much, but during the summer (as dependent on the rain) your grass can grow really quickly. It’s important to keep a regular routine pattern to mowing. Regular mowing patterns promote healthy and consistent growth of your lawn.


If the weather is warm and sunny consistently, your grass can suffer as a result as it’s receiving no water and won’t grow. Your grass can quickly turn into a beige lawn and doesn’t look inviting nor healthy. During these times, a daily lawn watering will really help, it’s recommended doing this as late as possible in the day when the sun has set to allow the water to be absorbed into the grown and not be evaporated by the heat of the day.


Keeping your borders clear of weeds also allows for the healthy growth of plants and bushes. A weekly weeding session is ideal or just popping out into the garden for a few minutes a day to pull some weeds will help keep that job at bay.


Whether you have decking or garden flags you need to keep them all maintained. Unmaintained outdoor flooring can be hazardous and will most likely need replacing quicker.


It’s highly recommended that garden decking is re-stained and sealed every 2-3 years, providing that the job is done properly in the first place. A bad routine of sealing decking may see the job having to be repeated yearly.


Decking that isn’t re-sealed regularly can become slippery and rotten within time. Rotten decking becomes weak and is likely to break ensuring the replacement of flooring.

Paving Slabs

Cleaning paving slabs really is a “look at it and do it when dirty” sort of job. Personally we jet wash our slabs annually, early summer to enjoy clean and light coloured slabs before winter arrives where we don’t see the garden quite as much.

Having clean paving makes it safer for people walking on it, preventing algae from forming and making the floor slippery when wet.

Garden Furniture

With all the jobs above completed, you now want to sit outdoors and enjoy all your hard work! Now time for some garden furniture and accessories.

If you are a person, like me, who enjoys relaxing outdoors on the warmer days you need somewhere to sit and unwind.

Garden Dining

Entertaining guests, or just a meal as a family you want to be able to relax in comfort in the garden to enjoy summer. So it’s important to have a sturdy but comfortable dining set that’s easy to maintain and pack away when not in use. I came across this gorgeous Rattan Table Set from LionsHome, when in use you pull the seats out, adjust the backrest and place the cushions. Then when it’s not in use the seat backrests collapse flat, the stools tuck under the seats and everything gets slotted under the table. Stylish, inviting and comfortable!

Rattan Garden Table Set
Photo Credit : ManoMano

You could then choose to finish off the dining set with this fully adjustable hanging parasol.

Garden Parasol

Garden Decoration

Outdoor garden lighting can provide a relaxing and perfect atmosphere at the end of the day when the sun has set. Either mains wired wall lights or these decorative solar powered lights which provide a subtle yet attractive light to any green space.

Decorative Solar Light
Photo Credit : Waitrose Garden

If outdoor dining is very high up in your list of requirements for an enjoyable summer in your well-maintained outdoor space, then you cannot forget to get yourself a Barbecue. Whether it’s a coal or gas barbecue you are guaranteed to have a great meal outdoors with some fantastic food to boot.

Photo Credit : ManoMano

So there you have it, my simple top tips for a well maintained and inviting outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy this summer.

Tell me, what are your top tips for enjoying your garden this summer?

**This is a collaborative post.

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