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VonHaus Camping Folding Trolley Cart: Review

The archery outdoor season is once again upon us, here come the weekends spent on the waiting/shooting line at a competition or another. These days come with lots of baggage, archery equipment, spare equipment, scopes, tool box, lunch box, outdoor tent, chairs, water bottles, spare clothes to name but a few items we require. Carrying all this from and to the car after a day shooting is tiring, so with the help of the team over at VonHaus, we have been sent a Camping Folding Trolley Cart to review.

Last year was our first competitive season. Lewis and I would rock up at a competition with bags and bags of items we would need. Spend ages unloading the car to spend if not more time loading it back up again at the end of the day when we are all tired. We knew we needed something to help us in our end of day struggles and now thankfully we have just what we need.

About The Cart

This Camping Folding Trolley Cart weighs just 11kg, which is lightweight enough to transport easily and can carry up to 70kg in items. It’s mounted on 4 wheels, 2 of which are swivel wheels by the pull handle and 2 fixed wheels at the rear.

Dimensions are very spacious for a weekends camping supplies, festival trip or just a day at the archery field (like us). Set up the trolley measures 100cm (L) x 49cm (W) x 37cm (H), folded 30.5cm (L) x 18.5cm (W) x 75cm (H).

Unpacking the cart

The Camping Folding Trolley Cart arrived very quick after dispatch in a cardboard transportation box. Out of the box, it looks just like this.

Camping Folding Trolley Cart

The bag on the outside is perfect for storage and also has an outside pocket for keeping the base mat of the trolley safe. The bag also has a carry handle, side zip to help take off/replace the bag after use and also fixes onto the trolley underneath using velcro fastenings.

Storage pocket for Camping Folding Trolley Cart base
Carry Handle

With the bag off you get to see the first real glimpse of your camping trolley, a secure strap holding it all in place.

With the outer bag removed

To set up the Camping Folding Trolley Cart, simply undo the strap and then push down the middle of the trolley to open it all the way, just like with a child travel cot. Then place in the base of the trolley which was stored in the outer pocket of the trolley bag and you have your Camping Folding Trolley Cart ready to use.

Push down to finish setting trolley up

With this trolley you also have a pull along with handle, just unclip the handle from the trolley chassis and then extend it and away you go.

Clip to hold pulling handle in place
Pulling Handle

To pack away just clip the handle back into place, remove the trolley base and lift the frame of the trolley using the pull handle then secure the strapping around the trolley. Lastly just replace the bag over the trolley base, secure back on and pack the matting away.

Pull up to pack Trolley Cart away


We couldn’t wait for our first weekend’s archery competition trip with our new Camping Folding Trolley Cart, and we didn’t have long to wait. Our countless trips to and from the car have been reduced to one trip with all our gear. The wheels manage wonderfully over smooth, rough, bumpy and grass surfaces.

Camping Folding Trolley Cart In Use

During transportation, with the trolley folding down and packed away it really doesn’t take up much space in the boot of a car. Here it is in the boot of my estate.

Packed In The Boot

Storing the trolley in the garage is simple too as even when wrapped up the trolley will stand steadily on all 4 wheels. It takes up very little space and can be easily set up next time we need it.

I can see this trolley being a firm addition to our archery weekend’s and as it handles well and is very well built it should withstand the test of its trips.

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**We were sent the Camping Folding Trolley Cart for free to test and review. This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something via my blog I will receive a small commission. All words and opinions are my own.

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