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Top Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home

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While our day to day lives are hectic we fight to find time to complete the menial day to day tasks around the house. Keeping on top of the minimum tasks usually entails hovering, tidying up, mopping, polishing and cleaning surfaces. Whilst doing these jobs keep our homes looking tidy, clean and inviting there comes the time where our homes need a thorough deep clean. Here are my top tips for deep cleaning the house:

Deep Clean Top Tips


This stuff quite literally gets everywhere, doesn’t it? Obviously, we like to keep the areas perfectly clean that are on display from day to day but there comes a time when the hidden areas need a good old clean. Key area’s to focus on are skirting boards, behind books and ornaments and ceiling fans and lampshades.


Move Furniture

It’s important to frequently clean behind and underneath larger pieces of furniture. For example; Sofas, they are busy pieces of equipment, aren’t they? We sit on them to do jobs, relax, kids play near them and sometimes snacks or meals can be eaten on them. As a result, bits will fall through the chair gaps onto the floor underneath or dust will flow underneath from the floor. As a result they get dusty and grubby underneath. Move them and hoover underneath.

Other larger pieces of furniture can also get grubby and dusty underneath, such as cupboards, beds and cabinets.

Carpet Cleaning

Perhaps your carpets are a cause from concern because let’s face it, we walk on them every day. There can be a build up of grime collected in the fibres of a carpet making them dull and discolour. A good carpet cleaning session may be your prefered answer. For this, it may be worth investing in a good carpet cleaner for the job. There are plenty available to buy and they all do a fantastic job. They can even be used on rugs and doormats giving the floor a fantastic freshen up throughout the house.

Deep Clean The Carpets with a Carpet Cleaner

Clean Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and Blinds are absolute dust magnets, be sure to whip them down and clean them following the manufacturer’s instructions, usually having them dry cleaned being the recommendation.

Also, be sure to wipe down the curtain rails and fittings as they also get dusty too.

Clean Inside Cupboards

Last but not least, cupboards, whether they are kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets, or shelves. They all collect dust. Empty the cupboards get your hoover and duster and wipe them out completely. We all love the result of a good old kitchen cupboard clean out and also removing products which are past their use by date.

Kitchen Cleaning

Getting The Job Done

These are not the most thrilling of jobs, hence why they can go so long undone, avoided and ignored. Why not when doing the jobs make them slightly easier to enjoy by listening to some music, putting on your favourite radio station, or even enjoying an audiobook.

Also, my last top tip to help get the deep clean job done, get your supplies together before tackling the task in hand. There’s nothing worse than setting out to do the job, heading upstairs to come back down for something else you need.

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