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Our New Additions – Chickens!

We don’t have many pets in our household, we have 2 goldfish and that’s it. Our lives don’t really have the time for any demanding pets. Cats or dogs are out of the question due to lack of our available time, plus we have family and friends with cats or dogs so the kids see plenty of them.

We wanted a family pet with a difference, to be able to watch them, learn from them but also enjoy them. This is where the idea of chickens came about, my kids are now aged 7 & 10 and I know they would far more enjoy a practical pet, learning from them and also enjoying the produce.

Why Chickens?

We’ve had hens before, we got them before Lewis was born and enjoyed them until Lewis was an infant. We then relocated where we were unable to take the chickens with us so we had to rehome them but now we are able to own chickens again.

Chickens Pen

We have a small corner in our garden which we have turned into the chickens living area, here we have a coop, shelter and surrounded by wire to keep the chickens enclosed and safe. During the days where I am at home or nearby, we intend to have the gate open to let the hens roam the garden too.

With our area prepared we took a short trip over the Staffordshire border to collect our chickens from Staffordshire Chickens.

There are plenty of chickens to choose from here, so the kids and I instantly set to work choosing our Chickens.

I wanted Staffordshire Blue Ranger, whereas Lewis chose Staffordshire Rhode Rock and Leah a Staffordshire Speckledy. We were very happy with our choices.

Getting The Coop Ready

Back home I set the kids to work ensuring the coop was ready, lining the base with sawdust shavings, and putting the straw in the nesting boxes. Then the coop was ready for its new arrivals.

Getting the Chickens Coop ready.


Our Chickens

Introducing, Fillet, Nugget and Dipper.

Staffordshire Speckledy
Staffordshire Blue Ranger
Staffordshire Rhode Rock

As mentioned earlier we have had hens before and we are delighted to have them again. We are looking forward to them laying their first eggs in the coming weeks. Currently, they are 18 weeks old and should start laying around the 22-26 week mark.

Coming soon, how to care for hens.

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  1. Emma Lander

    18th June 2019 at 9:21 pm

    Oh this has made me so happy. I love chickens. So glad you got to get some more šŸ™‚ I always say watching hens is better than TV šŸ˜‰

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      19th June 2019 at 11:37 am

      We love Chickens too, very happy with them and they are very spoilt ladies. I do find myself mesmerised by them that’s for sure.

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