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Gelli Spa: Review

Recently we have been testing out Gelli Spa from Zimpli Kids. Have your little ones enjoy the relaxation of a foot spa at home with the use of Gelli and lovely scented essential oil.

Gelli Spa Box


  • Inflatable Foot Spa
  • 5 Bags of Pink Gelli
  • 5ml Bottle of Mint Essential Oil
  • Mini Pedicure Set
  • Bag of Massaging Marbles
  • Instruction Booklet
Gelli Spa Contents


Setting up the Spa was really easy, Leah managed to do most of it with my supervision. We began with inflating the foot spa itself, a square foot sized paddling pool. With the spa in place on a mat in the living room, we began to fill it with warm water. It was recommended that for each sachet of Pink Gelli used it was mixed with 4 litres of warm water. For our initial use, we used only the one sachet.

We poured the Gelli powder into the spa and allowed for the recommended time of 10-15 minutes for the Gelli to transform.

Then it was time for Leah to begin her Foot Spa.

To help Leah enjoy her Spa that little bit more I added a couple of drops of the Mint Essential Oil to the Gelli followed by the contents of the bag of massaging marbles. Leah particularly enjoyed rolling the balls under her feet for the massaging effect.

Using The Gelli Spa

After sometime Leah had finished with the Spa, she rinsed her feet into another bowl of water which I’d provided next to her and we get to work clearing up. As per the instructions the contents of the Gelli Spa can be flushed down the toilet. But having used their other products, Gelli Baff, I decided to dispose of the contents by dissolving the Gelli with Sodium Chloride (better known as salt) and then pouring it down the drain. Afterwards, I took the inflatable spa into the garden to rinse down with the hosepipe.


All in all, Leah absolutely loves this Gelli Spa, with her Sensory Processing Disorder I feel Leah certainly benefits more from this inflatable spa set rather than the Gelli Baff. We certainly look forward to making more Spas with this kit and also the long term use of it with some top up sachets of Gelli Baff.


This kit is recommended for children aged 5+ which I feel is absolutely fair and I do recommend full adult supervision as the Spa can be slippy when in use.

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**We were sent Gelli Spa for free to test and review. This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something via my blog I will receive a small commission. All words and opinions are my own.



    12th June 2019 at 7:39 pm

    This would be for grandson unless his mum steals it first

  2. Kim Carberry

    3rd June 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Ahh! This looks like fantastic fun. Leah sounds and looks like she had a great time. It sounds very relaxing x

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