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2019 Bucket List – Update

We are very quickly approaching the halfway point of the year, I cannot believe how fast this year is just flying by. It only seems like last week I was planning my 2019 Bucket List, and now I’m fretting that I may not complete as much of our list this year as I intended.

With that in mind, I thought a half-way update may help jog my memory but also give me the motivation to tick more of the list off.

What was on the list?

Start Saving – Have A Holiday – Buy A New Car – Decorate My Bedroom – Buy New Furniture For Lewis’s Room – Lewis’s Archery – Fully Train In Dry Cleaning – Zoo Keeper Experience – Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits – Visit New National Trust Property – Leah’s Residential – Read More Books – Lose Weight – Gain Fitness – Regular Massages – Buy New Curtains – Anniversary Night Away – Blog 4-8 Times A Month.

How Am I Getting On?

  • Start Saving – This isn’t getting off to the healthiest of starts (mainly due to the next bullet point) but it’s not easy saving for a mortgage when living on one full-time income. Even though I help out in our business I only do part-time hours, as much as I’d love to get my own job it’s not possible when it comes to school holidays as we have no family local to us to help with childcare and a very limited holiday club availability local to us. We’re hoping next year things may get a little easier with me now returning to blogging, I am hoping to make a healthier income so we can finally start saving up.
  • Have A Holiday – Yep, well we managed that one. I blogged about it here. Enjoyed it that much we booked to return again in the summer holidays. Now can you see why saving isn’t easy haha! Back at Easter we enjoyed a week in the Lake District, holidayed at Fallbarrow Holiday Park (Parkdean Resorts). Its always been one of my favourite holiday locations since I was a teenager and it’s been fantastic to return with my children and enjoy it all over again.
Fallbarrow Holiday Park - Bucket List 2019
  • Buy A New Car – We were glad to report that in the 2nd week of 2019 we finally bought a new and bigger car. This car has been an absolute lifesaver as now packing for holidays, days out, archery competitions and much more have become much easier.
  • Decorate My Bedroom – This is still very much work in progress, we recently painted the hall, stairs and landing and the leftover paint also painted our bedroom. I’ve ordered a mural for our bedroom wall above the headboard of the bed which I am looking forward to receiving and we’ve replaced the blackout roller blind. Next up I want to replace the bedroom furniture as we’ve had it all for the best part of 15 years now.
  • Buy New Furniture For Lewis’s Room – Another check to our completed list. Lewis got his new furniture a couple of months ago now, replacing his miss match furniture with new matching Malm drawers from IKEA. His room now looks so much better.
  • Lewis’s Archery – This has made significant progress, we’ve moved archery clubs and found Lewis a coach. His archery is coming on strength to strength and we hope for the new winter season we will see a fantastic progression in his archery. For now, he’s still working on his technique and shooting minimal competitions.
Lewis's Archery
  • Fully Train In Dry Cleaning – We still haven’t got anyone in to train me but we do have a new full-time member of staff. I’ve continued to train myself in various bits and I’m now happy at the level I work at. If anything I need a little more help with not putting double creases in trousers but anything else I’m willing to give a bash.
  • Zoo Keeper Experience – This still needs arranging, but I can say I’m currently a part farm keeper after welcoming chickens to our family recently. As for the ZooKeeper part, I am hoping to get something booked for the summer holidays with the kids.
  • Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits – Unfortunately conquering Leah’s eating habits will only be conquered by herself. Earlier this year I spoke with Occupational Health, the GP and a School Nurse who have all agreed that Leah has Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find out more about it here.
  • Visit A New National Trust Property – This is something as yet we are to do, we’ve visited a couple of our local ones this year already, Attingham Park and Chirk Castle but we’ve been to these before. In August when we return to the Lake District we intend to visit Sizerg Castle and make that our new property.
  • Leah’s Residential – This was a very big worry of mine at the beginning of the year. My kids are not used to spending time away from home, especially without myself, husband or sibling present. So when Leah was invited on her first residential trip she couldn’t WAIT and she had a brilliant time. I blogged on our top packing tips for a residential trip here.
  • Read More Books – I’ve always enjoyed reading, I don’t like information heavy books, confusing tales or deep mysteries. I’m very much a light reader. After hitting the ground running in January with reading I’ve slowed down somewhat but I’m still enjoying my new Kindle Paperwhite.
Do More Reading
  • Lose Weight – In January I had these great plans for losing a stone in weight, now we are at the end of June I am happy to announce… I would now like to lose 2 stone in weight! My plans didn’t go very well and someone managed to achieve one of my greatest weight gains in all time! Whoops!
  • Gain Fitness – This is something which I’ve somehow managed to maintain during my weight gain, I actually feel well and I can stay feeling active enough for an intense day at work. My shoulders still need a bit of TLC but all in all, everything is good.
  • Regular Massages – Not quite keeping in with the “regular” theme but I have managed to have 2 massages this year, the first one was at Last Drop Village back in February when Tina (at Girls Gospel) and I had our Mum’s Night Off spa break, we both enjoyed Hot Stone Massages. Then again in April Tina and I headed over to Nu Spa in Manchester City Centre again for another Hot Stone Massage. I’m overdue another massage now!
  • Buy New Curtains – Big TICK for this bucket list job. After finally saying all the bedrooms are now painted and being happy with the furniture in the kid’s bedrooms we moved our attention to curtains. Leah and Lewis got curtains and our bedroom got a new roller blind.
  • Anniversary Night Away – This doesn’t seem to be achievable this year unfortunately due to childcare. But never mind we have our August holiday to look forward to instead!
  • Blog 4-8 Times A Month – This is something which is picking up at a steady pace, I started the year with about 2-3 posts a month and now I’m achieving 8-10 a month.

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