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10 Reasons We To Choose To Holiday In The UK

You will no doubt have seen on my blog that we do enjoy taking holidays, but we don’t leave the UK (with exception to a day 5 holiday in Tenerife 4 years ago). But every other holiday has been in the UK.

Everyone has different reasons to go on holiday, regardless if you are staying in the UK or going abroad. Here are 10 reasons why we choose to have a staycation;

10 Reasons We Choose To Stay In The UK

1. Supporting UK Businesses

We live in a small town where we having a thriving and highly independent high street. It’s widely discussed in our town of supporting our local businesses so it’s a mindset which we now live with. With this mindset now embedded in my mind, it plays an active part when we are on holiday too. It’s not always possible to shop/holiday with truly independent businesses, but I do try to keep it within a UK Independence.

We have holidayed in independent owned cottages, hired river boats and caravans which were run by UK companies. I feel this is very important for supporting our tourist industry.


Whilst on holiday, we eat at local independent restaurants and where possible we buy our groceries from independent stores too.

2. There’s Always Plenty To See

We love sightseeing, we enjoy nothing better than getting out and enjoying the local area to our holiday destination. Not ones for relaxing we prefer to be on the go. Although don’t get me wrong, on our recent Lake District holiday we did have 2 “down days” where we didn’t get far, enjoyed the holiday park and enjoyed relaxing.

The other days of our holiday we loved getting out and about, adventuring. From walking up the Lake, enjoying the sights, climbing a hill, playing in a cave to enjoying local attractions. It helps us feel at home within the area if we get out and about. Shying away really isn’t something we do.

3. The Weather

Ok, this may not be the perfect reason to choose a UK holiday over a foreign holiday as the weather is renowned for being unpredictable in the UK. But you are never short of things to do where ever you are in the UK if the weather takes a turn for the worst. We’ve had our fair share of good and bad weather on our holidays.

Our week on the Norfolk Broads, for example, the weather was rather dull the whole week, overcast and cool. Towards the end of the week, it was wet but we didn’t allow it to affect our holiday we just adjusted our plans to coincide with the change.

So long as you remain open-minded to the UK’s unpredictable weather you are still set to have a great holiday.

4. No Where Is Too Far

The UK is a small country, in comparison to every other country in the world, ours is tiny. Nowhere in the UK is too far to travel if we plan the journey well enough and are willing to invest the time into planned stops for the kids to have a break from the car. You are at the mercy of the traffic if you are travelling by car but that can be no worse than delays in an airport, transfers and travelling in another country.

5. Save Money

Holidaying in the UK is cheaper – FACT! Taking into account costs for flights, accommodation prices, extra charges for all-inclusive, half board, extra meals etc. It really does ramp up the cost of a foreign holiday. Our UK Holidays are always done as cheap as we can manage whilst also enjoying ourselves. Paying our for fuel, accommodation, food and spends for days out. I regularly compare prices with foreign holidays over UK holidays and I’m yet to beat our expenditure.

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6. No Worries With Currency

I’m no good with foreign currency, I never have been. In a way, foreign currency feels like monopoly money with no real monetary value.

4 years ago we holidayed in Tenerife for 5 nights. Now as much as I loved the island, the resort and the experience of being in a foreign country, converting the currency to ensure we weren’t being ripped off was daunting. That was after mentally warning myself that those Euro’s were a legitimate currency! I felt like I constantly had to be aware of the exchange rate, comparing to what I would be spending in the UK. It was the stuff of nightmares.

Holidaying in the UK means I don’t have to do that. I know what money I have with me at all times and not having to worry about converting more money. If I needed more money I simply popped to a cash machine. My bank account even told me what money I had left for the remainder of the holiday, should I need it.

7. Pet Holidays

We don’t have a family pet (well if you don’t count the fish anyway) but I can see choosing a UK holiday is important if you do have a family dog.

If you are an animal lover and have a family pet, you no longer need to split the family up for your holiday! There are so many pet-friendly locations to take the 4 legged members of your family.

My parents have a dog, up until they had their dog they would take an annual foreign holiday. Nowadays they choose to holiday in the UK, choosing to take their dog with them.

When we search for our holidays it never surprises me on the sheer amount of dog-friendly cottages, caravans and even boats I find. There is certainly something for everyone and no one need get left behind, perfect!

8. Luggage

We have no luggage restrictions, unlike with a flight. Our only restriction with luggage is “can I fit it in the boot of the car”. I am notorious for overpacking so for me this is an amazing godsend! Having all my luggage in the car I am not restricted to weight, worrying if I can afford the weight to take can one extra pair of jeans away with us.

So long as it fits in the boot of the car, we are good to go!

9. Wining and Dining

Knowing English cuisine means we are never far away from a good meal. I know the type of meals we will find wherever we are in the UK. Whereas in another country I need to learn another cuisine, what type of meals a restaurant will serve and if all the members of my holiday party will eat at this restaurant.

For us, something like this is beyond daunting, especially with Leah and her Sensory Processing Disorder which seriously limits her dietary intake. Take her to a foreign country where the food will be different is just too much for her to handle.

10. No Language Barrier

Going on a foreign holiday can be a tricky affair, especially if you only speak one language, like me. When we holidayed in Tenerife we were very lucky that most people we spoke to spoke English. In the end, I started to feel rude that I didn’t speak a second language. Also, the thought of us needing some urgent medical assistance on a foreign holiday and having a language barrier is absolutely daunting.

This is another reason I prefer UK Holidays, as we don’t come across situations like this.

Do you holiday in the UK or abroad? What’s your top reasons for your choice?

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** This is not a sponsored post. I just want to talk of my top reasons for holidaying in the UK. All words and opinions are my own.

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