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Lakes Aquarium, Newby Bridge, Cumbria : Review

On the final day of our holiday in the Lake District, we headed over to Lakes Aquarium at the southern point of Lake Windermere. A perfect way to spend a couple of hours if the weather is a little bit bleak and you need to enjoy an attraction indoors.

Lakes Aquarium
Image Credit : Google Maps


Located at the southern point of Lake Windermere at Newby Bridge you can find Lakes Aquarium by the water’s edge at Lakeside. A short cruise ride from Bowness-On-Windermere of which you can purchase a dual Yellow Cruise and Lakes Aquarium ticket for a cheaper price of purchasing them both separately (I discussed the price of the tickets on my review for Windermere Lake Cruises, just check out Journey 3 & 4).

The Attraction

Upon arrival, we were thrilled to see how Lakes Aquarium promoted a lot about creatures and wildlife which you would see on your visit to the Lake District. There were exhibits which were home to Pike, Thornback Ray and Diving Ducks.

Lewis in Underwater Tunnel at Lakes Aquarium
Lewis in the “A Recreated Journey Below Lake Windermere” area
At The Seashore Area, Lakes Aquarium
Lewis and Leah enjoying watching the Thornback Rays in the “By The Seashore Area”

There were area’s specially tailored to helping save the environment as plastic pollution in water is a top topic right now so it was nice to see it being shown.

Further on, on our self-guided tour, we ventured through different habitat locations, Asia, America, Tropical Rainforest and Africa. Here we got to see many different species of fish, water animals and creatures.

Asian Short Clawed Otters, Lakes Aquarium
The Resident Asian Short Clawed Otters found in the Asia exhibit
Giant African Land Snails
Giant African Land Snails found in the Africa Exhibit
Leaf Cutter Ants
Leaf Cutter Ants hard at work in the Rainforest Exhibit

Our Verdict

It’s fair to say Lakeside Aquarium really isn’t big at all, but there is enough to see and enjoy over an hour or two at most. Our tickets were valid for the day so we could go out, have some food, a walk and then return later in the day to see it all again.

That said we had a lovely visit, my kids always like seeing different species of fish and with the added extra creatures to see it does add quite a mix to the day. Lewis’s favourite by far to see were the Giant African Land Snails as he has a class mascot which is a snail too. Whereas Leah enjoyed watching the Harvest Mice.

Harvest Mice
Harvest Mice located within “The English Lake District” Exhibit

If you are in the area and in need of something to do if the weather isn’t in your favour I do recommend giving Lakeside Aquarium a visit.

To find out more about our adventures, feel free to check out the Days Out section of my blog.

** We were not compensated for our review, we paid for our own visit to Lakeside Aquarium whilst on holiday and wanted to share it with you. All words and opinions are my own.

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