Lake District Holiday – Easter 2019

I love a good holiday diary, and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably have seen previous holiday diaries from last Summer at the Norfolk Broads and our holiday to Somerset back in 2016.


So without further ado here is our recent holiday to the Lake District during the Easter half term.

Our Arrival (Good Friday)

We arrived on Good Friday of the Easter Weekend, a journey which should have taken us about 3 hours from our home in Shropshire took over 5 hours due to severe traffic throughout most of Lancashire. We arrived rather frazzled at 3.30pm, expecting to be turned away due to check-in not being until 4pm but thankfully we were granted access to our caravan which was a delight.

After we’d unpacked we popped to a local supermarket in Bowness-On-Windermere for some supplies and headed back to our Caravan to make tea. After tea we took a stroll around our site, and I flew my drone for a couple of minutes over looking the town and marina before heading towards the holiday parks jetty. Here the kids were able to paddle in the water, they quickly got chatting to 2 other children got stuck into making daisy chains and they enjoying a bit of rock climbing at the waters edge.


As it happens these children were staying in the caravan next to us so it didn’t take long for all the children to make rather solid friendships which were going to last for the duration of the stay! 


Saturday arrived and so did a million other visitors to Bowness-On-Windermere, the roads outside our holiday park were getting very busy from 8am. It is brilliant how many people flock to places like this during holidays, and with the weather being so nice too it makes for a good day out. With local temperatures forecast to reach 23c for the day the town soon became full to the brim.

The morning saw us walking from our holiday park to Rayrigg Meadow away from the hustle and bustle of the town. We enjoyed a walk along the waters edge, let the kids have a paddle in the lake, enjoyed watching people jump off Jetty’s s into the lake and got to have another short flight with my drone before heading back to our caravan for lunch.

Lake District

After lunch we headed up to Kirkstone Pass, opting to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the local town as it was just so busy. We enjoyed a good walk and again managed another flight with the drone before enjoying a drink at the pub and heading back to the holiday park.

Lake District


On Sunday morning the kids were getting a little fractious over their new friends, so we opted to stay on the holiday park for the day. The Kids started off by making Easter Bonnets to take part in the Easter Bonnet competition that evening before moving on to play on the sites park and arcade. After lunch we all headed down to Lake Windermere waters edge so the kids could play in the water whilst the parents sat and chatted.

Lake District

In the evening we headed to the Boathouse Bar on site letting the kids show off their Easter Bonnets, playing in the arcade for a while before heading back to the caravans.


The day started off rather weepy for Leah as it was the end of the Bank Holiday weekend and her new friends were going home. Leah is never one for saying goodbye, especially when its new friends and they’ve had the best weekend together. But with the promise of seeing her friends again in July we bid them farewell and carried on with our holiday.

Today we took a trip up to Ambleside with Windermere Lake Cruises. It was a lovely warm day, we enjoyed stretching our legs and taking in the sights on the town north of Lake Windermere.

Lake District

Upon our return to Bowness-On-Windermere Lewis found a banner promoting the hire of Segways, he just loves Segways so for a couple of ££ we let him have a go… I tell you what, he’s blooming good!

In the evening my Brother joined us, staying with us for the remainder of our holiday.


Today was forecast to be the last day of the exceedingly good weather that we’d been having during the weekend so with plans to make the most of it we went hill climbing and to explore Rydal Cave at the north of Lake Windermere, just passed Ambleside.

Lake District

We enjoyed a good outing, I climbed as far as the kids could manage and to be honest they did fairly well.


Wednesday brought the threat of thunderstorms and torrential downpours over the Lake District. So being typical of Great British weather we saw absolutely nothing of it.. This was slightly infuriating as we’d been toying around with day out ideas but not wanting to be caught out in a storm if we were out walking.

World Of Beatrix Potter

In the morning I opted to take Leah to The World Of Beatrix Potter attraction in Bowness-On-Windermere as a good chunk of the bad weather was forecast for that time of day. We had a fantastic morning and will be talking more about it in an upcoming review.

In the afternoon we headed over to the town of Windermere for a while for some lunch before the peer pressure came from the kids to go back to the Rydal Cave that we had discovered the day before. This time we were armed with water shoes and fish nets as the kids wanted to play in the water in the cave.


For our last full day in the Lake District I’d promised the kids we would take them to the Lake Aquarium at the south of the Lake Windermere. Again, I will review this attraction soon.

Lake District

Later that afternoon we returned to Bowness-On-Windermere and headed back to our caravan, this is when the storms (which were threatened yesterday) finally put in an appearance. We enjoyed listening to the Thunder and watching the lightening whilst enjoying a board game or two.

In the evening we headed to a local restaurant in the town, Villa Positano. Again this restaurant is a place we visited a lot when I was a teenager, its been at least 15 years since I last visited here and it was great to return and taste their amazing pizza’s again!

Villa Positano


Today is home day, today again brought lots of tears from the littlest of the household as she really does hate goodbyes and didn’t want to leave her holiday behind.

It’s been a fantastic week and a week of plenty of memories again. Thankfully we are already booked to return again in August. Hopefully we will get more walking completed and more sights of the Lake District under our belts.

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**This is not an advert. I had a lovely holiday in the Lake District and wanted to share my holiday diary with my readers.

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