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10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Go To BlogOn – May 2019

At the weekend I attended my second BlogOn conference since returning to blogging back in August 2018. The last conference I attended was back in September 2018 and was held at Hotel Football in Manchester, the same place for this years conference.

Why should you attend Blog On?

If you are a blogger BlogOn is a fantastic blogging conference to attend, for this there are many reasons, here’s a few;

1. Its The Only Blogging Conference I Know About…

Now don’t get me wrong, there are various social media groups full of other likeminded bloggers like me and you. Each group arranges various meetup’s which happen from time to time. But this is the only conference I know that actually happens. Each event is sponsored by a certain brand, other brands turn up to support it, they donate products to help raise funds for the BlogOn Community Fund and it’s held in a fantastic location. This conference screams organised, cared about and well structured to every bloggers needs.

2. How Many Sessions Are There?

There are 4, 1 hour sessions throughout the day. Each session consists of 3 different groups you can attend. There is plenty of choice and variety. All the sessions are just great, they are informative and run mostly by bloggers just like me and you. Over the years, blogging has even evolved into vlogging and there are also tailored sessions for vloggers to attend with sessions including YouTube, Podcasting and Videoing.

BlogOn Schedule

During some sessions speakers also team up with various “field experts” they work really well together giving further in depth information. For example;

In session 1 on Saturday, I attended the session “Getting to grips with Gutenburg & WordPress Q&A” with Zoe Corkhill (From MamaGeek), Jenny Wong and Tim Nash. Most of you will probably know Zoe for being a blogger, Jenny works with WordPress for a living building webpages for customers so knows her stuff, whereas Tim works for 34SP who specialise in hosting for WordPress Blogs. This session really stood out for me from BlogOn’s sessions for the day as we given lots of hints and tips from Zoe for getting use to the new WordPress Platform, Gutenburg which was released towards the end of 2018. Then afterwards Jenny and Tim came along for the Q&A session helping us tailor our needs with the new platform and making us feel at ease with it.

Other sessions I attended during the day were the “Be More Visable, Create More Opportunities” with Claire Gamble, “3 Common Mistakes that make a huge impact on SEO and how to fix them” with Cery’s Parker and “Hands On Mobile Editing Workshop” with Sara_Jayne Jones. All sessions were great, informative and I certainly came away with plenty of things to work on to build my blog.

3. Location, Location, Location…

For me location is very important for me when it comes to attending a Blog Conference. This years conference as mentioned earlier was held again at Hotel Football in Manchester which is only an hour and half from my home. This makes the journey to and from the event easier for me as it’s not that far, but also I have friends and family not far away. Later on in the year there is another BlogOn Conference happening at Bracknell (not far from London) and is a bit further away.

I am torn between attending this next conference or not, obviously the distance is playing a big factor in this event. Also I don’t know anyone down south for cheap/free lodgings (where as in Manchester I sleep over at my parents house). Also Bracknell is too far for me to travel to and from for a day trip.

4. Full Day Event

BlogOn is a full day event, with arrivals and signing in from 9am to finishing off with Raffle and closing speech at 6pm. Its a great and full on day.

5. Meeting Other Bloggers

Being at BlogOn you are undoubtably going to meet new faces, as there are over 100 tickets up for grabs for the events. You will meet bloggers you have met before and even bloggers you see quite often. This is the great thing about the day, each blogger is exceptionally friendly, there is never an atmosphere and everyone has something in common – blogging!

6. The Food…

I can vouch the food at Hotel Football is fantastic, upon your arrival you are given the option to have breakfast with a range of Egg, Sausage or Bacon Sandwiches. At lunch there is a buffet of sandwiches, salad, cheese & vegetable skewers, chicken skewers and much more. Food preferences and allergies are also extremely well catered for too. You are also supplied with enough tea, coffee and water to sink a ship – winner!

7. CAKE!

Oh yes, your heard me right, there is indeed CAKE! It’s a known fact that no BlogOn is going to be complete without cake!! The way the cake usually works is that the brand sponsoring the event usually supplies the cake too. But this time round the team behind BlogOn came up with another suggestion – a Bake Off! And with the conference falling on the 4th May (Star Wars Day – May The Forth Be With You etc etc etc) there just had to be a Star Wars theme bake off.

BlogOn Bake Off

Apart from the Star Wars Cakes there was a general cake competition too where other bloggers baked cakes to compete in the Bake Off. And again for those with allergies or dietary requirements there was a special vegan cake. It looked and apparently tasted amazing (according to Tina at – below)!

8. The Brand Den

No BlogOn Conference would be complete without the Brand Den. Here you get to speak with PR’s and Brands regarding their products and upcoming campaigns. You finally get to meet the faces behind the emails that you deal with day-in-day-out, make new contacts and actually know the person you are going to be dealing with on a regular basis before hand.

There is always a brilliant brand den, here you will see products ranging from toys and games, technology, clothing, food and drink, educational products, home and lifestyle. There should be at least something for everyone.

This years visit I particularly enjoyed speaking with Co-Op and tasting their fantastic range of pizzas, Big Potato Games and having a look at some up and coming games, and Canal Toys regarding their DIY Bath Bomb and Slime kits.

9. Competitions

There are quite a few competitions to take part in during the day. Mainly social media based having to snap a photo and share it on social media using a special hashtag. I took part in this one from Hotter Shoes;

10. The Goody Bags

Last but not least, after you’ve exhausted yourself out with the sessions, the food, brand den and speaking to other bloggers you are given a huge Goody Bag to come away with at the end of the day.

BlogOn Goody Bag

So if you have considered going to a BlogOn conference before but never been too sure about it, i’m hoping I’ve given you more than enough reasons to sway your decision that little bit further into going. The next conference is happening on the 21st September 2019 happening this time over in Bracknell. Make sure you book your ticket and don’t miss out!

For more blog posts about events I attend, feel free to check out the Travel, Days Out and Events section of my blog.

**This is not a sponsored post, this post of based on my day at BlogOn Conference. I paid for my ticket and was not asked to blog about my day.

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