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What I’m Reading : Intro

For a couple of years now I’ve really enjoyed reading, I enjoy nothing better than relaxing to a nice cup of tea and sticking my nose in a good book. Since I bought my kindle I have carried it religiously in my handbag enjoying a quick 5 minutes read on the school run, on a bench (now the weathers warming up) or at the Spa.

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about books and the different “genres” with the Fiction/Non Fiction etc but I know I have my favourite authors and how I generally like my stories to go. So long as the story is captivating, interesting and leaves me wanting more I’m happy.

Currently my favourite authors are Casey Watson, Cathy Glass and Sophie Kinsella.

Sophie Kinsella

I am always late to a party when it comes to books, joining in years down the line when everyone’s enjoyed the books, raved about them and then then moved onto the next thing. Sophie Kinsella is one of them. I’ve recently discovered this author after reading both The Undomestic Goddess and I’ve Got Your Number both extremely good reads and originally downloaded as the reviews were good and they were 99p to download on my Kindle. From then a friend mentioned the Shopaholic Series which I soon started, I’ll talk about them in another blog post soon.

Since February I have read now 8 of her books (including the 2 mentioned above) and I am hooked. I look forward to reading the rest of this series and then moving back onto the other books in her collection.

Cathy Glass and Casey Watson

Both these authors are very similar, as they write about their fostering memories.

Cathy Glass has fostered children for over 25 years, over 150 children and she has since written 30 books about her journey. Some absolutely harrowing tales of child abuse to children who just simply needed a bit of love or respite. Meanwhile Casey Watson has written just 10 books but they are still just as good.

I love reading these books to help highlight myself to lives that some children lead, as I don’t want to live sheltered but to be aware and perhaps spot signs (which was required in my School Governing days) of child abuse/neglect. I enjoy reading how these children’s lives can be turned around, how sometimes families can be fixed and how children can be returned to their families with the help of Social Services and carers.

The Future

From now on I aim to share with you bits about each book I am reading and do a short review of them as I go along. I’ll share bits on my social media channels but mostly just on my blog.

Keep an eye on What I’m Reading on my blog to find out more.

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