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Leah : You Are Now 7

As I’ve had such a long blogging break I haven’t written one of these posts for Leah since her 4th Birthday! Such a lot has changed with Leah in these past 3 years, starting school, life developments, likes/dislikes and much more.

Letter to Leah

Dear Leah,

You are now 7 and what a birthday you’ve had. Your birthday was on Saturday 23rd March but you say your birthday ran from Thursday through to Sunday evening. So in fairness it was a manic big birthday weekend.

Thursday at school, you got to ring the “Birthday Bell” during the school assembly. You rang the bell for the number of your Birthday, 7, you told me “I really rung that bell Mummy”, this left me wondering how loud you rung it! You were particularly looking forward to this moment as it signalled to you the beginning of your Birthday celebrations. After this you began to really look forward to the rest of your Birthday.

Friday morning arrived and you struggled to contain your excitement, splitting your lip before you went to school. After doing this you asked to skip school for the day but we got your lip mended and sent you into school. The main reason for your wanting to skip school was you were really excited to see your special guest who was coming to spend your birthday weekend with you, Sydney (Tina’s daughter from

You do love it when Sydney visits you, you both get on so well and no arguing (albeit you being a little bit bossy!) but Sydney loves her visits too which makes for a fantastic time. You both have late nights (despite going to bed early enough, you just both lie in bed chatting) and wake early again the next morning excited for the next day.

After a 9.30 late night, you both wake up at 6am the next morning and are both super excited to start your birthday, the day of your birthday!

Sydney sits with you absolutely lovely enjoying watching you open your presents, she even has a little surprise gift which her Mummy sent over with her to open during you opening yours which was lovely. When you open your Birthday present from Sydney and her brother Sam you both enjoy playing with with your Cutetitos, I can see these being a new favourite collection to your toys! Our morning consisted of continuing to enjoy your birthday presents and playing games.

The afternoon brought the arrival of your Uncle Kip and an afternoons outing to Exotic Zoo in Telford. Afterwards we went to Smyths Toys for you to spend your Birthday pennies and getting your Horse trailer for your Our Generation doll and horse.

We finished the day off with tea, birthday cake and more playing before another late night 9am for another 6am start the next day.

Sunday brought the arrival of your birthday party, of which we fashionably arrive late for (Oopsie!). This year you choose to have your party at Airea51 and fully enjoy your hour of bouncing with all your friends, buffet lunch (the chocolate spread sandwiches go down an absolute storm!) and blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

All in all a fantastic birthday weekend, shortly after your party we take Sydney back to meet her Mum and you get all upset because your friends gone and your birthday is over.

Life Update

You have changed such a lot over the past 3 years, starting school being a major change in you as your now on the verge of finishing Key Stage 1 and progressing up to our local Junior School. You have absolutely blown away my expectations since starting school, really “locked into learning” as your headteacher puts it and even settled wonderfully into a new school after we reclocated home in December 2017. Over the next couple of weeks we will find out if your going to be going to the same Junior School as your brother, we are hopeful this will be the case but we do have another school closer.

This past year we have pretty much got a diagnosis for Sensory Processing Disorder, your eating really is still such an issue in your life. Your diet is very limited, really taking the shape of eating the same 3 meals every single day, for example;

  • Breakfast: Your biggest variety of the day, consisting of cereals, crumpets, pancakes or toast.
  • Lunch: Grated cheese sandwiches (white bread, no margarine), cucumber/carrots (raw) and crisps.
  • Tea: Flipper Dippers/Yorkshire Puddings, pasta/rice, cucumber/carrot sticks, and a heap of grated cheese.
  • Puddings/Snacks: Yogurt’s/Ice Cream (vanilla only), biscuits, sweets, apples, grapes, banana (at a push), strawberries, sugar snap peas and waffles.

Recently we’ve added 2 new foods to your new likes, chocolate milk (which has been a godsend to your calcium intake) and McDonald Chips both these new foods have been greeted with open arms as they will hopefully add some meat onto your skinny frame.

As ever you are still a cheeky little monkey, you lighten up every room you walk in with your infectious smile, sense of humour and wit.

Lots of love,

Mummy, Daddy and Lewis xxx

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