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Cathy Glass : Where Has Mummy Gone

To start off my “What I Am Reading” feature I am going to kick off with one of my favourite fostering authors.

My latest read has been one from Cathy Glass, called “Where Has Mummy Gone?” released back in September 2018 and is book 29 from her.

Where Has Mummy Gone

Cathy primarily writes about her experiences and adventures brought from her time fostering children. She is a very experienced carer with over 25 years of fostering under her belt, often dealing with the most challenging and trickiest of cases, her stories are gripping.

The Book

Where Has Mummy Gone introduces Melody, an 8 year old girl who was brought into care after her mother continuously fled the eyes of social workers. One of 5 children, Melody is the youngest, after all her siblings were fostered (then subsequently adopted) before she was born. Her mother, a long intravenous drug user subsequently couldn’t cope and neglected her children.

After Melody’s fostering placement with Cathy was confirmed and she was homed, Melody continually worried about her mother. Worried her mother might be lost, won’t remember to eat and wash herself it soon became very clear that Melody was the main care giver of herself and her mother. She would have been responsible for herself and her mother up until she was taken into care. As a result Melody’s basic needs were never met, nor did she attend school regularly.

In Melody’s absence it soon became very clear to the Social Services how her mother couldn’t cope and was soon hospitalised to be assessed, here she was given the diagnosis of Dementia caused by the many years of drug abuse and was placed in a care home to be supported.

In time Melody settled, knowing her Mother was being well cared for, she soon became a child rather than the carer. Regular visits to her Mother soon became more spaced out as her condition deteriorated. Over the duration of Melody’s stay with Cathy, Melody was put up for adoption, knowing her Mother was never going to recover. Thankfully in the nick of time Melody was adopted before her birth Mother took a turn for the worse, admitted to hospital and passed away.


As always I have particularly enjoyed reading Where Has Mummy Gone. I’ve read all of Cathy’s previous books and this has been a great addition to her collection, a fantastic and gripping read. I always find her books informative to the hidden lives of others, how the social services work with regard to fostering and child protection.

To find out what else I’ve been reading feel free to browse the What I’m Reading section of my blog.

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