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Asmodee : Who Did It? Review

Recently I have been invited to be part of the Bloggers Board Game Club from Asmodee, I am particularly looking forward to reviewing and blogging about 3 board games of my choice and sharing my experiences with you.

First up in our campaign I bring you Who Did It?, a fun and exciting game where you have to prove your pets innocence by passing the blame to other players pets.

Who Did It

Contents Of The Box

  • Rules – Booklets of various languages
  • 13 Poop Tokens
  • 36 Cards (6 animals in 6 colours)

How To Play

An impressive poop was found in the middle of the floor, using your cards you need to defend your pets innocence and prove the pet that pooped on the floor was the fault of another players pet. This fast moving game is set to test your memory and speed to ensure your animals are not guilty. The winner with the least amount of poops at the end is the winner.

To start the game each player must choose a set of cards, each set has one of each animal individually coloured to the players choice. Any unused cards to be placed at the side and keep the poop tokens within reach.

Who Did It

The youngest player starts the game, choosing an animal from their deck and placing in the middle of the table and saying (for example);

“It’s not my turtle that pooped, I think it was someones Hamster!”

The other players playing then scrabble through their deck of cards and then place the corresponding card on top of the previous players card in the middle of the table. The first player to pop their card down leaves in there (other players take their cards back) and it’s their turn to try and pass the blame on by saying;

“It was not my Hamster that pooped, I think it was someones Cat!”

And again the scrabble continues.

The round ends when an animal is found to be guilty, this can be achieved in 2 ways;

  • If a player calls for an animal to blame but no other player has that animal in their hand. Everyone must show their remaining cards as proof. The guilty owner must then take a poop token.
  • When only one player remaining has 1 or more card left to play, this player is automatically guilty as there is no other players pets left to take the blame. This guilty owner must then take a poop token.
Who Did It

End Of The Game

The game ends when one owner claims their third poop, the player at that point with the least amount of poops is the winner. In the case of a tie both players are the winner.


We took this game on our recent holiday with us, we carried around with us on days out to enjoy whilst waiting for meals, down by the waters edge of Lake Windermere and we even enjoyed a game at the top of a hill! Its been a fantastic game, full of laughs and giggles.

Who Did It? Is a game for 3-6 players, lasting around 15 minutes. Designed for children aged 6+ it is certainly easy to follow. As you can see from the earlier images the game is packed in a small box, just slightly larger than a packet of playing cards and is ideal to carry around.

Where To Buy

You can buy Who Did It? at certain high street stores, some Waterstones and John Lewis stores being stockists. Other stockists include Comic stores. Failing that you can buy this game direct from Amazon.

** I am part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. I have been sent Who Did It? to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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