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2019 Bucket List

Moving on from my previous blog post “Top 7 of 2018” I want to now focus on what I can make of 2019. For this I’m going to make a bucket list, a list of goals for the year and then when I read back on this at the end of the year I can hopefully feel accomplished in what I’ve achieved.

What I want to achieve in 2019

Start Saving – Have A Holiday – Buy A New Car – Decorate My Bedroom – Buy New Furniture For Lewis’s Room – Lewis’s Archery – Fully Train In Dry Cleaning – Zoo Keeper Experience – Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits – Visit New National Trust Property – Leah’s Residential – Read More Books – Loose Weight – Gain Fitness – Regular Massages – Buy New Curtains – Anniversary Night Away – Blog 4-8 Times A Month.

Find out more about each goal here;

  • Start Saving – I really want a mortgage (yes I want an endless amount of debt over my head), but what I want more than that is a house I can really call home. Our forever home. We once bought a home which we owned when Lewis was born. But between the house needing too much work, statutory maternity pay and when returning to work the cost of care for Lewis we were getting into trouble. We sold the house and have lived in rented ever since. Now the kids are older, in full time education, owning our own business and having 2 incomes again I want to start saving for a mortgage.
  • Have A Holiday – We don’t tend to go on foreign holidays, we like to make the most of the country we live in. The kids really want to return to the Lake District again, so we aim to take a family holiday over the Easter Holidays and return to my “home from home”.
  • Buy New Car – Please just bear in mind these are my goals for the whole of 2019 and I know we are already 3 weeks into the year, but we can already cross this off my list. Everyone meet Benji the 308.
  • Decorate Bedroom – We’ve lived in this house for 12 months now and done very little decorating (not that the house needs much doing anyway) but our bedroom really could do with some TLC now. I want to brighten the walls and buy a new chest of drawers and bedside tables.
  • Furniture for Lewis’s room – Again with Lewis’s room he could do with a new chest of drawers and bedside table too. His room has been decorated already so his room just needs the finishing touches.
  • Lewis’s Archery – This year I want to see Lewis’s passion for archery continue, I want to find him a coach and watch him progress even further.
  • Fully Train In Dry Cleaning – So far all I have learn’t in our business has been self taught or hubby has taught me bits but I want to be able to get some thorough training and be able to be a dependable person in our business. For this we need to get someone in to spend time with me to help finish off my training. I’m hoping to do this in the next couple of months.
  • Zoo Keeper Experience At Exotic Zoo – Back in the Summer I took the kids to Exotic Zoo for a Meerkat Experience, Lewis beyond loved it but Leah was a little skittish. I really feel Lewis would love a full Zoo Keeper Experience so i’m hoping this is something we could do together at some-point this year.
  • Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits – This wish for 2019 is really pushing the limits as Leah’s eating habits haven’t changed much since she began eating. Since Leah began eating solids at 6 months (she’ll be 7 years old in 2 months!) old her diets been very restricted, either through her “fussiness” or what I actually believe it to be, a sensory issue. I want to help Leah conquer her habits/fear and be able to eat a good meal, I want her to be able to wave goodbye to endless amounts of cheese sandwiches and enjoy a good hearty meal.
  • Visit a new National Trust Property – we had National Trust passes now for 3 years and even though we use them and get our monies worth out of them we don’t really travel far to make the most of them. We seem to visit the same local sites over and over again. Our most local one being Attingham Park, which we do visit around 5 times a year as we meet friends there but I want to push the boat out and go somewhere new this year.
  • Leah’s First Residential – This year Leah goes on her first ever residential trip. Lewis won’t entertain the thought of attending any residential trips as he’s now in Year 5, his year now attend a 4 night trip, meanwhile Leah goes on a 1 night trip. For children who never stay away from home, I have worries about these trips but Leah’s so excited so I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this trip.
  • Read more books – Recently my kindle broke and I had to replace it. I bought a new kindle paperwhite, and love it! Already this year I have read 3 books and well into my 4th. I’m enjoying relaxing with a good book.
  • Loose a stone in weight – I’d like to think this will happen but doubt it will. I’m the worlds worst at dieting, I have no will power.
  • Gain fitness – I don’t intend to start running miles but to gain a bit of body strength will be nice. Along with Lewis I do archery too and it really is intense on your core body muscles and shoulders. I’d like to be able to gain and maintain a level of fitness to see me able to enjoy archery more.
  • Enjoy more massages – These are only a recent discovery, after having a niggle with my shoulder I went for a Swedish massage and then a hot stone massage only 48 hours later. They were both perfect, I need more!
  • New curtains upstairs – Continuing with our upstairs decoration theme, all bedrooms need new curtains.
  • Enjoy another anniversary night away – After the success of our anniversary trip last year I’d love to have another night away. Thinking of perhaps another spa day trip to Last Drop village with Sam.
  • Blog 4-8 times a month – Given my working commitments and the added archery commitments too getting time to blog is going to be tricky but I’d love to be able to commit to at least 8 blog posts a month.

Do you have a wish list or a list of goals for 2019? What’s your main goals?

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