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Top 7 of 2018

Happy New Year! (Yes ok, a little bit late for but this is theoretically my first blog post of 2018!)

Earlier this month I saw countless posts from other bloggers detailing their Top 7 of 2018. I instantly wanted to be part of this, to revisit some of the things I did in 2018 and put them into a highlight post. As I only made a return in the Summer I didn’t tell you all about what was going on at the time but I am going to do that just now.

At the end of 2016, until summer 2018 (approx 18 months) saw me take a break from blogging. During that break a lot has changed in our lives and although blogging is not something I can work 20 hours a week on I do try and squeeze some blogging in when I can (or when I actually have something to talk about!).

So here goes, my Top 7 of 2018.

Move to Newport, Shropshire

Ok, we didn’t actually move here in 2018, we moved 10 days before Christmas 2017 but it really does feel like our lived began here in 2018 though. After the Christmas holidays, New Year celebrations, the kids beginning their new schools and the ease of our lives living closer to our family business.

This move was so long overdue, being here in this little town close to everything we need is just perfect. Our business is on our doorstep, so much so we don’t even have to drive a vehicle to work (let alone 2, which is what we were doing previously). We’re saving so much money on fuel costs now is brilliant.

The kids schools are likewise, I no longer have to get involved with the parking wars at the school gates nor the morning traffic. We just leave home, walk 10 minutes to Lewis’s school and then around the corner to Leah’s school. It’s made life so much easier for us all.

I blogged about our move here and the decisions we faced, because it was a big move for the children I felt they needed to be involved with the decision making, so much so I gave them the final decision. Staying where we were wasn’t going to be too much of a problem but moving here has made life so much easier for us all and the kids have settled wonderfully and made new friends which i’m sure will last a lifetime!

10 years of Marriage

Back in July Sam and I celebrated 10 years of marriage, I blogged about our anniversary here. During our 10 years our lives have changed so much, I know a lot of people say that because Children are usually the root cause of that “change”. But in the past 6 years we have taken our own business on board too, I became a stay at home mum to raise the children and now i’m even a Dry Cleaner too!

Downton Abbey

Continuing the theme of our 10 year anniversary, Sam treated me to an absolutely wonderful night away, it was beyond amazing. We spent a night at Tylney Hall Hotel (making the most of the amazing outdoor pool (it was one of the hottest days of the year too!), the grounds and the amazing hotel service! The following day we went to Highclere Castle (the setting for the TV drama, Downton Abbey) and it really was as amazing as the show!

Having watched the show a total of 4 times in 2 years, I’m itching to watch it again now! I find its a great show to get an insight to lives in the post-Edwardian era of the early 1900’s.

Norfolk Broads Holiday

Just before coming back to blogging we took a family holiday, never really one for foreign holidays we enjoy making the most of whats in our own country and we certainly thoroughly enjoyed the delights of the Norfolk Broads for a week.

Hiring a river boat we enjoyed quality family time and cruising around the various rivers we visited small towns and the city of Norwich

During our holiday I kept a diary of our adventures and blogged about them later (you can find the posts in the Holidays area of my blog), if you have read them you will certainly see we made the most of our adventures and the kids are eager to return to the broads again!

Telford 50

2018 saw Telford turn 50, throughout the year were various events to celebrate, fun days, celebrations and various other events throughout the town. One event which was fun was where various lasers were cast from various landmarks in the town all directing in the direction of The Wrekin. As a family we particularly enjoyed driving around the countryside of Telford and trying to spot these lasers.

The laser from Tibberton Church towards The Wrekin

Lewis’s Archery

Lewis’s archery really did make a strong highlight of 2018, his love for Archery just rocketed and even more so when he was invited to represent the West Midlands in the Inter County Junior competition in August. I’ve blogged about my boy and his boy, highlighting all the positives from a good years shooting from him.

2019 is again looking set to be a good year from him. Lewis is beginning to actively look for competitions to take part in now and focusing on his own archery goals.

First Spa Break

April brings my birthday, and since meeting my blogging buddy Tina 6 years ago we’ve always talked about having a spa break and relaxing. Finally we booked a break over at Last Drop Village in Bolton and we had a fantastic time!

We enjoyed it so much we have just returned again and will be telling you more about that visit in another blog post very soon!

Return to Blogging

I think this one goes without saying really, I really enjoyed my time blogging from 2013 to late 2016 so I was happy to get my blog back again in 2018 and make a return. This time my blog is a bit different as I won’t have the time I previously had to blog but the topic of my blog will remain the same.

Shortly after returning to blogging I ventured over to Manchester for the annual Blog On conference. It was great to be back in a blogging atmosphere and social world again and also be reunited with bloggers I met previously.

Its also been great to get back in contact with brands I have worked with previously and restart our working relationships.

Here’s to a great 2019!

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