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When In Rome : Review

With Christmas only days away I wanted to share a great new game with you. Perfect for gatherings, to test out family and friends knowledge of the world and beat them to become the winners. All you need is this When In Rome Box and an Alexa device. 

About When In Rome

When In Rome is the first Alexa enabled board game to be released and is set to test your knowledge and learn some great facts of the world. Designed to be a group game ranging from 2-8 players can play, split into 2 teams, red team and blue team and offers between 30-90 of game time. 

Included In The Box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 2 Player Tokens (Aeroplanes)
  • 18 Friend Tokens
  • 14 Upgrade Cards
  • 5 Souvenirs (designs may vary)


To load the game, first you need to enable the skill on your Alexa device. This can either be done by searching for the skill on your smart phone/tablet computer linked to your Alexa device. Or another method I used was by simply saying “Alexa, enable When In Rome skill” to my Echo Dot. 

When you first load the game you are given a couple of set up questions, one being the option to use

During in the game there are regular intervals when as a team you need to make decisions, either discussing the possible answer to a question or even deciding where to fly to next. During these intervals, your Alexa device plays some calming background music you can easily resume the game by waking your device up again and given the games next demand. 


There are up to 9 rounds in this game, each round is held at the particular city you have chosen to fly to. To start the next round Alexa will prompt a head-to-head style question, linked to a random city in the game. The questions are usually based around a “percentage theme”, and the team with the closest answer to the correct answer can chose to take an additional 2 points or an upgrade card (find out more about upgrade cards below) and then starts the next round first. The team with highest points can answer the head-to-head question first. 


At other times during the game, your Alexa device will alert you to souvenirs which have appeared in other cities. Flying to these cities and answering the trivia question correctly will not only win you the 3 or 5 points, depending on the difficulty level you choose, but also win you an additional 7 points for claiming your souvenir. 

Upgrade Cards

If your team wins during the head-to-head rounds your team can choose to claim an upgrade card, instead of your awarded 2 points. These cards are great for stirring up the game a little but can only be played during your turn.

Cards include;

  • Flight cards; Use these cards to skip cities and fly to other destinations shown on your card, Tokyo Teleport, Instant Nairobi and Mind The Gap will fly your team to either Tokyo, Nairobi or London. Regardless where you are in the world. 
  • Ask another question; You can choose to skip a particular question if its too difficult by using the You Need Help or Not That One cards. 
  • Insult; whilst the other team is answering a locals question you can interrupt and insult the other team using the Trash Talk card. 
  • Skip The Head-To-Head round; to skip this round you can use the Priority Boarding card. The allows your team to skip the head-to-head and start the next round of the game first. 
Flight Paths

Connecting each city are flight paths you need to follow. To fly to a new city you need to choose from destination connected with a dotted line. If you are in the later stages of the game and you have friends at various cities you can choose to by pass a city and continue flying through. For example, you are at London and you want to fly to Rio De Janeiro, so long as you have a friend at New York you can make it to Rio De Janeiro in one flight. 

If your opposite team has already claimed their friend at a city and you want to fly through you need to stop at that city regardless. At this destination you wont be given a question to answer, your go is then forfeited. For example, you want to fly from London to San Francisco and the opposite team has a friend at New York, you have to stop at New York but then that’s you go over with until the next round. 

The Winner

The game ends when either the third souvenir is collected or all 9 rounds have ended. 

Regardless on who has most souvenirs the team with the most points is the winner. 

Our Verdict

Hubby and I have really enjoyed our experience learning how to play When In Rome and we certainly look forward to playing it again with friends over the Christmas Holidays. It’ll be great to test our knowledge of the world and learn new facts about countries against our friends. 

Our only slight negative about the game was the clarity of speech required to play, sometimes Alexa would mishear an answer and send us down a wrong course (with no way of turning back) or at times during the head-to-head round the game would close down completely. Thankfully asking Alexa to resume the game would fix this issue and we would carry on from when it crashed but it did feel glitchy in that respect.

All in all though we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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