Preparing For Christmas

This will be our second Christmas in our new home, we moved in only 10 days before Christmas last year so we really made do with what we had around us to make Christmas special for that year.

Last Christmas

We got the keys to our house on the Friday afternoon of the 15th December, shortly before the kids finished school and broke up for the Christmas Holidays. It would also be their last day at their primary school as they would be starting new schools in our new town. Upon picking the kids up from school we travelled over to our new house, in the boot of the car was our Christmas decorations (a surprise for the kids) of which would be the first pieces of furniture to enter our new house. 

This Year

This year we have has more time to plan for Christmas and we’ve gone all out! Starting with our Christmas Trees (yep I said trees!). I’ve never been one for having a real tree, I’ve always found that they dry up and the needles drop too quickly but this year I’ve wanted a real tree to stand in the recess of our living room window. It would look lovely there, a nice eye catcher to our living room and look good for any people passing by. 

Riding on the Tractors Trailer over the farm at Bishop Offley Christmas Trees

To get our Christmas tree we took a trip over to Bishop Offley Christmas Trees, only 10 miles from where we live, just over the Staffordshire border. Sam found this company during one of his internet searches, he wanted to find a location where you could turn up and actually cut down your own tree. So armed with our saw we headed over to find our trees. 

A small selection of Christmas Trees waiting to be chosen and taken home.

Due to the growing time required to grow a tree to the required size we were shown to various locations on the farm to find the right sized tree for our needs. A short walk later and we came across a large area full to the brim with trees standing 5-7 feet tall of all different varieties. 

With our trees chosen we sent our mini lumberjacks in to cut down our trees. 

We then carried them over for netting and taking them back to our car for taking home. It was a long walk with 2 trees in tow, thankfully Lewis is now of an age where he can put his muscles to use and helped us carry them. Leah was in charge of carrying the saw, carefully! 

Helping Out Netting Up A Tree

Trees at Home

Upon our return home with the trees we set about setting them up and decorating them. Now this is where I announce where our second tree is for….

Yep! You guessed it. We have the second tree homed out the front of the house! What do you think?

Decorated by kids ♥

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  1. GirlsGospel

    9th December 2018 at 4:41 pm

    It looks fab! 😀 Sam looks very excited about his Saw haha!

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