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Paddington Sightseeing Adventures Game : Review

My kids adore Paddington Bear, not only my kids but I do too.

We’ve enjoyed family film nights watching the 2014 Paddington film but also most recently we’ve enjoyed the latest Paddington 2 film too.

Following my recent attendance of the Blog On Conference I met the team at University Games who were eager to introduce me to their new Board Game – Paddington Sightseeing Adventures. I instantly knew my kids would be amazed with this game so we set up a review of this game.

As soon as this game arrived I knew we’d fully enjoy this game more with a Paddington Themed evening for the kids, I set up the latest Paddington DVD and made toast for the kids to enjoy. As my kids don’t like Jam, let alone Marmalade, I enjoyed that delight for myself.

This game has a great but easy to follow play to it, designed for children aged 6+ years it meant my daughter found the game interesting and fun.

Upon unpacking the board game from the box I was again instantly taken with how bold and bright the colours were.


Contents of the box include;

  • 1 Playing Board
  • 1 Dice
  • 1 Instruction Leaflet
  • 4 Scrap Books
  • 4 Paddington Playing Pieces With Plastic Bases
  • 6 London Attraction Pieces With Plastic Bases
  • 24 Selfie Picture Cards
  • 24 Marmalade Mystery Cards


Setting up the game was easy. Simply lay out the board and place the Marmalade Mystery Cards in the designated place. Then create the Paddington Play Pieces on the bases as well as the London Attractions and put them into the correct places on the Playing Board.

Designed for 2-4 players, each player chooses their Paddington Character and places it on the board at Paddington Station (Start). Each player takes a Scrap Book too.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, rolling the dice and moving their character the correct the number of places.

On your journey around the board, you can visit up to 6 attractions, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Of London And Tower Bridge. At each location you can collect a Selfie Picture Card by either landing on or passing over the “Take Your Selfie” square. You have to collect at least 4 attractions before making it to the end of the Board (32 Windsor Gardens) to be the winner.

Whilst on your journey there are also various other fun boxes to land on, these include fun activities, such as “Salute To The Beefeater”, “Wave To The River Boats” and more. There are directions to follow to ensure you visit a location and collect your Selfie Card or “Take A Short Cut” to help you get to the end quicker. There are also other booby traps such as Miss A Go’s and Go Back 3 Spaces.

Occasionally you may land on special Marmalade Boxes, landing on one of these spaces allows you to take a Marmalade Mystery Card. Taking your card from the designated pile of cards gives you an added little surprise to the game, cards include “miss a go”, “go back 1 space”, “move forward 2 spaces”, “take an extra turn” and more.

The player to collect a minimum of 4 attractions in their Scrap Book and make it to the end of the board at 32 Windsor Gardens is the winner.


We have really enjoyed numerous games of Paddington Sightseeing Adventures and has quickly become one for the kids favourite board games. Despite the age rating of 6+years I’m fairly confident a child of 4 maybe 5 years could play the game too, depending on their level of understanding or playing with an older sibling or parent for guidance. Certainly a family game for all ages to enjoy.

Disclosure: We were sent Paddington Sightseeing Adventures from University Games to review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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