Newport Town Christmas Lights Switch On

Last Friday evening, I picked the kids up usual times from their schools. We are fortunate in our little town that we only live less than half a mile from the schools. But this evening we didn’t make it home from school until 7.30, the reason for this being the Newport Town Christmas Light switch on event.

Our first stop for the evening was a stage set up by the towns church, Leah was scheduled to sing on stage with her class friends. They sung various songs, 12 Days of Christmas, It was on a Starry Night and a couple more. What I loved about their performance is that the night not only sung, but they signed with Makaton too. They “danced” with their hands, it was amazing to watch. It’s something the Infant School do a lot of which is wonderful.

After Leah’s singing I took the kids back to our business to wait out the end of the working day. We are fortunate that in the town we operate our business opposite the Town Council, the chosen location for a parade to take place from at 6.45pm. Its a town tradition for this parade to happen, it features a big brass band that walk at the front, followed by the towns Scouts and Cubs group then behind them a horse drawn carriage transporting Santa, the Towns Mayor and a special guest.

Taken by a horse drawn carriage Santa travels from the Town Council down to the Town’s church at 5.50pm for the Christmas Light Switch on at 6pm. Masses of people follow the carriage claiming sweets along to way that is thrown by the passengers of the carriage.

Shortly after Santa’s arrival at the Town’s Church the Christmas lights are switched on, followed by a Christmas Carol service in the Church and then you are free to enjoy the evening and entertainment. We enjoyed a play on the funfair, a walk around the various market stalls dotted around the town and finally a glass of Mulled Wine in a local bar.

It now feels like the Christmas Season has arrived!

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  1. Donna

    9th December 2018 at 4:37 pm

    This sounds like such a lovely way to kick start the festive season – I wish our town did more festive activities and celebrations! x

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