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Creating Memories

Looking back on my childhood I have many memories, spending time with my family, days out, holidays in the UK or abroad, school days and much more. I like to think back to these times but of course I don’t remember them all.

Creating Memories As A Parent

Now I am a parent and I fight hard to create memories for my children. When they are older I want them to have memories of growing up, memories of their achievements, life stages and development, days out, holidays and everything in between. At times I find myself being very thoughtful about what memories my children will have when I am gone. I want them to be the happiest of memories, so they can look back on their childhoods with pride and hopefully replicate those happy memories they have to create similar memories with their children. 

How to Create Memories that will last

Personally, I find photographs (or video) to be the best way to create memories that will last a lifetime. That with adventures and fun so that these photographs can be captured, displayed or stored to look back on.

Growing up, myself or my family didn’t have the smart phone gadgets that we have nowadays, where we can simply snap a photo and keep it stored digitally on a computer to look back at. There was nothing of the sorts created. We did have a 35mm film camera, of which we snapped lots of photos, had them printed but they are all now stored in a box at my parents house. Due to the lack of digital images and the costs involved with printing pictures from a film I feel I missed out on a lot of my childhood memories and as a result I probably don’t remember half as much as I ought to. 

It was only in my mid-teens did I manage to get my hands on my first digital camera, of which I have photos of my last days of secondary school and leavers do. From here digital photography became more popular and to the scale that we know of it today. 

For this simple reason I have turned to photography to capture, create and store wonderful memories of my children. A couple of years ago I even questioned myself, should we invest more in creating new memories and to that answer I came up with a very simple “Yes” answer. 

What I’ve Done To Create New Memories

To create more memories and better quality memories I did some shopping. Back in 2013 it started with a new digital camera, a bridge camera, but within the year I found I was still wanting something more from it. So I made the leap up to a DSLR camera, I sought out a course on learning how to use my camera in “manual mode” and have been fully enjoying capturing and create memories since. 

With this knowledge I have fully embraced the world of photography, getting creative with my images and looking at my images in a more technical way. I have the memories of the days out but also the memories of having set up the image in a artistic way. 

My creating of memories hasn’t stopped there either as with my new hobby in photography I now have lots of pictures, frames and canvases around my home. These display our happiest of memories, from holidays to days out, birthdays, achievements and much more. 

What do you to create memories and hold onto them for a lifetime? 

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