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Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources : Review

My daughter just loves collectibles, every week when she gets her pocket money she usually treats herself to another surprise/blind bag product in hope of finding a new character she is longing for. So when we were offered to review these Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources I knew Leah would happily take part in this task. 

The Product

Available in a pack of 2 pods, these products really are double the fun. Each pod measuring 9cm x 6cm, is filled with soft, sticky playfoam for brilliant sensory play fun whilst hidden in the foam there is a surprise bag containing 1 of 12 collectable friendly fun animals.

The non-toxic playfoam although sticky, won’t create a mess in your home and won’t be easily squished into carpets which is fantastic and has been greatly received in my home and my hoover. 

Leah couldn’t wait to get started with her review and after the promise she could open her Playfoam Pals the next morning she woke up early on the Sunday morning and began opening them without me! 

Aside from there being 12 animals to collect, there are also Rare Golden Pals to find making collecting these Playfoam Pals more fun. Leah was delighted to have received a golden robot in a pod. 

Each animal has an interchangeable bonus feature, you can remove their heads and simply pop it onto the body of another character. This is a feature Leah has had fun with but more so than that she’s absolutely loved making fun activities for her animals with the Playfoam. As you can see from the images, Leah has made a stage and each of her animals were creating a crying scene and then they were all trapped on a mountain. 

Our Verdict

Personally I find these Playfoam Pals to be much better than the standard blind bags which Leah has collected previously, as with these products there is a continuous fun aspect to the play with the foam providing hours of fun and creativity, building and sculpting adventures for your child to take their new collectables on. 

Because of the nature of this product Leah has enjoyed playing it at our dining room table, or on her play-mat on the livingroom floor and has now bound all the colours of the foams together. This has caused a very slight colour transfer between the foam balls and also our dining table cover, which the product has warned us about, but with a bit bleach (olive oil has also been a recommendation from Learning Resources) I have found it lifts effortlessly. 

After a week of these products being opened and left open to the air they have also not dried out and Leah is able to return to play with them at any time. 

Leah is really enjoying her new collectables and we are in the process of purchasing more for her so she can continue her new collection. 

Disclosure: We were provided with 2 packs of Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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