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Gelli Baff, Slime Baff & SnoBall Battle Pack from Zimpli Kids : Review

Since moving to our new house at the end of 2017 my kids have just loved having their bath-times back (our previous home only had a walk in shower) so I’ve been actively working on ways to help the kids make the most of their time having a bath back in their lives. The kids regularly take their favourite, non electrical toys in the bath with them, a Paw Patrol character or 3 is a usual occurrence for Leah’s bath night where as Lewis takes Lego or Pokemon characters with him. 

Recently Zimpli Kids got in contact asking if the kids would like to try adding something new to their bath nights and I knew they wouldn’t object. The kids were sent a box of Gelli Bath, Slime Baff and SnoBall Battle Packs each to try out and play with. They were delighted. 

Each packet of the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff has enough to make one bath session in where as the SnoBall Battle Packs has 4 sachets in but i’ll tell you more about that later. 

Slime Baff

If your child is currently of primary/infant/junior school age they will know what slime is, and no doubt pestered you to death about buying new slime or even making their own, I know mine have, they just love anything involving slime right now. So Lewis was absolutely delighted when he feasted his eyes on the Slime Baff box, it was like his wildest dreams had come true at the thought of actually sitting in a bath of slime. He couldn’t wait to get it. 

Making the bath of slime was a doddle, following the simple instruction inside and on the back of the box I set to work filling the bath to 4cm of warm/hot water. From there I sprinkled the sachet of Slime Baff mixture over the top of the water, gave it a good stir and left it alone for a couple of minute. When I returned the base of the bath was full of blue slime. Simple as that. 

Lewis jumped straight in and got to work. 

One thing Lewis did comment on was just how slippery the bath was full of slime, an issue I didn’t actually consider prior to letting him in the bath. A bath full of slime is going to have a slippery base, oopsie! Because of this I’d thoroughly recommend having a bath mat in the base of the bath or just giving your child 100% attention during the duration of their play. Even at Lewis’s age of 9 I was reluctant to leave the room as he was slipping everywhere just sat on his bottom. But being a boy he didn’t let this minor detail stop his fun believe me! 

Another comment Lewis made before he actually got in the bath was just how little slime was in the bath in comparison to the picture on the box. As the children were chest deep in slime and he had this tiny 4cm puddle. I’m fairly confident to get a bath that full of slime would take a good 6 (possibly more) boxes of Slime Baff. 

All in all though he really did like his play in the slime and looks forward to doing it again. 

Cleaning the bath of Slime afterwards was really easy, and was actually mostly taken care of by Lewis as he showered to remove the slime from his body. With adding more water the Slime dilutes making it easy to rinse away. All I had to do afterwards was pop a spot of bleach in the bath and give it a quick wipe around to take up any of the last slimy residue. 

Gelli Baff

Now was the turn of Leah. Leah has slight sensory issues where textures, smells and tastes can cause problems. So I didn’t expect for Leah to actually get in the bath of Gelli but rather kneel over the bath to play instead. But faced with a bath tub of “Princess Pink” Gelli (her favourite colour) she quickly jumped into her swimming costume and cautiously climbed into the bath. 

As with the Slime Baff, Gelli Baff is made in exactly the same way. Fill the bath to about 4cm deep with warm/hot water and sprinkle over the Gelli Baff (coloured) granules. I gave the water a stir and again left the bath alone whilst the granules transformed. From there you can add more water if you like to achieve a required consistency. 

Unlike the Slime Baff, the Gelli Baff doesn’t create a slippy surface in the bath so Leah was very pleased to be able to sit and enjoy her experience. Of course her beloved bath toys joined in the fun and she spent a good hour playing rescue games with her pups. 

Leah really enjoyed the sensory aspect of the Gelli, it was mildly clumpy, squidgy and squashy (Leah’s words not mine) but also had a bouncy/jelly feel to it. Leah had a brilliant time in her bath and her fun did last a good 45 minutes (I expected 4 minutes because of her sensory behaviours) and looks forward to her next Gelli Baff. 

Unlike the Slime Baff the Gelli Baff doesn’t quite dilute and rinse away. In the box there’s a second sachet, this is filled with Sodium Chloride which dissolves the Gelli Baff back into a liquid form. Let this work for a couple of minutes and rinse away. It works quite quickly to dissolve the Gelli so Leah was then able to shower and watch the product go down the drain. 

SnoBall Battle Pack

My kids just LOVE snow, making snowmen, building igloos and throwing snowballs. What they don’t like so much is how cold doing all this is, with sodden gloves and freezing fingers. So when faced with being able to throw Snow Balls in autumn they were very eager to try out the SnoBall Battle Pack.

As mentioned (and photographed) earlier you will see that the SnoBalls Battle Pack comes with 4 sachets, each sachet makes up to 15 SnoBalls (depending how big of a SnoBall your child makes). Each sachet uses 1.2 litres (2.1 pints) of water to make, which can be quite an amount of water if you were to make all 4 sachets at the same time and will require a very large bowl. So with this in mind the team at Zimpli Kids have split it all down making it easier to make but also a sachet of snow per person makes it fair for having their own bowl.

To make simply empty your sachet of SnoBall mixture into a bowl and pour over 1.2 litres/40.5fl oz of water (we actually used cold water for this). I gave the mixture a stir and left the snow to form. Within 5 minutes it was ready to go. 

The consistency of this product looks and felt exactly the same as the Gelli Baff and is actually made of the same ingredient. The only difference being there is no colourant to the mixture giving it that true snow look. 

With the kids eagerly awaiting a SnoBall Battle, I let them outdoors to play. 

With the snowballs thrown I have left the product on my lawn to break down naturally as the product is quite literally everywhere. It can be collected and recycled in your household waste but it will break down and dissolve naturally or in rain.

Our Verdict

The kids have loved all three of these products, but if I was to pick one product the children enjoyed the most it would for sure be the Gelli Baff and I know I am going to have to pick up more boxes of this product in the near future! 

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** We received a set of products shown to test and review from Zimpli Kids. All words and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Kim Carberry

    20th November 2018 at 1:20 pm

    This stuff is such fun! We weren’t so keen on the slime baff, it was so slippy but we did love the Gelli Baff. It is amazing stuff x

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