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Panoramic Canvas Print from Tesco Photo : Review

I love taking photos, snapping up memories, photos to remember holidays, events, days out and my children growing up. Where ever I go I tend to have a camera in hand. Either it be my trusty Nikon DSLR or my mobile phone, either way getting great photos is becoming easier and easier.

If you have been following my blog recently you will know (mostly because I haven’t shut up about it!) that we recently took a holiday on the Norfolk Broads, we hired a river boat for a week and set sail. This gave me an absolutely perfect opportunity to fill my boots with landscape photography, my favourite style of shooting. During our weeks holiday I snapped up over 800 photos, each one with different, each one with its own meaning and since coming back home I have wanted to have some of them printed to hang up in our new home. We moved home last December (I blogged about it here), and since moving in we have only hung a couple of photos, so this opportunity with Tesco came at the perfect time as I need more.

I was given the chance to review a chosen canvas print up to a certain value, so instantly set about choosing the right photo and canvas size for the job. It wasn’t long before I came up with a fantastic evening sunset shot over Malthouse Broad and an equally perfect panoramic print to display it on.

Ordering The Canvas

Setting about and ordering the canvas was incredibly simple, log into Tesco Photo and following the web page choose which product you would like. For my review I chose a canvas size of 40×10″ and set about uploading my image and designing how i’d like my canvas to be mounted. Using the online system you can move your image to set it how you would like it to be printed, there are some buttons at the side of the screen to zoom, adjust and rotate the image.

Other customisation items you are provided with for your canvas include;

Image Wrap; here you can choose if you want the sides of your canvas to include part of your image thus creating the wrap around effect.


Coloured Style; This style means that your image will only be on the face of the canvas and not be wrapped around the side, top/bottom edges.


Mirrored Style; This effect created a reverse mirror on your outer edges. You can just about tell on my chosen image that the sun has been mirrored on the top edge.


Image Stretch Style; Effectively your image is stretched causing a blur effect on your outer edges.

In a way the chosen side style will depend fully on your style of image you are chosen to have printed. I have kept my choice simple with my image and kept to the original Image Wrap.

Lastly, other canvas layout decisions to make include the orientation of your canvas, landscape or portrait and if you want text adding to your image.

Following all this decision making comes the ordering part, following the prompts on the web page place your order and await your delivery. You can even choose to have your canvas delivered to your local store should you wish. I chose to have mine delivered to my local Tesco store in Telford, and collected it from the Max Spielmann desk. From ordering to delivery took about 2 working days, although Tesco do advise it can take up to 8 working days.

The Finished Product

Upon collecting the canvas itself I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly oversized the box was for the print itself, but it was wrapped well in bubble wrap to prevent damage during transportation. The oversized box soon became rather an attraction for my creative kids who soon took care of it.

The canvas itself was printed to such a high quality, no loss of detail from my image download to the printing. It was really lovely to see my image printed. The frame for the canvas is built well, the corners and fittings are very neat and straight and the print itself is wrapped and fitted exceptionally well.

Upon turning the canvas over one thing I was immediately noticed was that it didn’t come with any fittings, before with other companies a small bad of fittings would have been included so I had to purchase these separately.

But that said, I’ve been incredibly pleased with my chosen canvas and print. Not to mention it looks great in my dining room. Now we have a fantastic image to remember a great family holiday on the Broads, memories though soon turn back to our attack of Mosquito’s for mooring up by a boggy marsh… Oops!

Tesco have a wide range of canvas print sizes to choose from, from standard 10×8″ Gallery Prints, to 60×16″ Panoramic Canvas Prints there is bound to be something for everyone. Some prints are also available on a same day basis, look out for those offers!


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Canvas print of my choice up-to the value of £60 from Tesco Print to review. All words and opinions are my own. 


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