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Hotter Shoes Whisper Boots : Review

Back in 2014 I was introduced to Hotter Shoes, I fell in love with their footwear instantly and since then I’ve never not owned a pair of their shoes. My first pair of Hotter Shoes were a pair of Shake shoes, then shortly afterwards I acquired a pair of Whisper Boots at an event in Solihull. Since then I’ve always owned a pair of Whisper Boots, first in Rich Navy, then 2 pairs of Black (of which I still have both pairs!) and now I’m trying out a pair in Tan Suede.

Whisper Boots

What I just adore about the Whisper Boots and what keeps me coming back for more is that they are so so SO comfortable, they are lightweight and you instantly feel like you are not only wearing decent boots but supportive too. I have weak ankles, from spend way too much time wearing unsupported shoes over the years but I needn’t worry about that with my Hotter Boots. My feet and ankles feet supported and after a day on my feet my joints aren’t sore.

The Whisper boots promote outer zips on both sides of your ankle, for ease of removal whether your removing your boots standing up or sitting down. Meanwhile the lining of the boots are made from a textile lining keeping your feet lovely and warm on a cold day. The base sole material is made from Polyurethane ensuring of not only a lightweight boot but also a comfortable sole.

Did You Know…

Its easy to see why these are Hotter’s best selling boots!

Wearing Test

I snapped these photos about 5 days ago in my back garden but I have worn these boots every day since, I walk on average 3 miles a day on the school run not to mention the 1,000s of steps at work in them too and these boots have been an absolute godsend.

After now owning at least 7 pairs of Hotter footwear I’ve never had any pair feel uncomfortable on my feet, non had ever caused me any discomfort or even rubbed due to being a new shoe. I love how with Hotter you can literally put them on your feet and not have to walk them in.

I’m going to be a massive fan for many years to come!

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a pair of Whisper Boots from Hotter to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 


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