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Car Problems

We all know how tough day to day life can be, you have so much to juggle with working, meeting deadlines, ensuring your children are at their out of school activities on time, their home work managed, family fed, house work completed and much much more. Life is tough, I know that one!

But there’s always one thing that sits quietly in a corner, doesn’t make a peep but can make life stop in an instant. Our money.

Car Problems

For example; we had problems with our car earlier this year when it went into the garage for a service and needed a lot of extra work doing to it. What should have been a £130 bill for a routine service turned into a £700 bill in a single phone call. Our car needed a new cam-belt with front brake disc’s and pads. We just didn’t have the money not for such a repair bill all in one go.

My husband and I are usually quite good at budgeting our money, we plan our money each month. We know what moneys coming in, what bills are going out and what spending needs to be done during the month. With our little pot of money left over we can plan the other “odd jobs” or treats for the month. We don’t really have a “rainy day” pot of money to cover those unexpected bills, our funds just don’t allow that unfortunately. So imagine our shock when we got told our car needed all this work doing to it, our one and only car!

Thankfully we had a little bit of money to aside just in case the car needed extra work doing to it, but we were short a good £300. We only had a couple of hours to find this money as my car needed to be on the road for the weekend as Lewis had an archery competition he needed to be at and we needed the car to get there.

Borrowing The Funds

We were desperate to get our car on the road pronto, as the garage needed to get the work completed on my car before the end of the day because they didn’t have diary availability for the rest of the weekend. I needed to get the funds from somewhere.

Thankfully in such emergencies I am very fortunate I can ask my family for quick, short-term help. I was able to borrow the money and pay it back over a couple of weeks. But what would I do if that wasn’t an option? Would I have to increase my overdraft on my bank account? As to borrow money from other relatives or even friends? Or look into options of short-term loan providers?

Had we not had family to turn to for support a Short-term loan would have been our best and probably only option and now thanks to you can search for your best short-term lending options easily and effectively. Cash Lady are a broker, not a lender and using your details they will present your application to around 15 of their most trusted lenders. From there you can choose the best loan for you quickly and easily. No trawling around on the end inputting your details in over and over again searching for the best deal. They also work on a no-charge to the customer basis, receiving their fee’s from the lender who have successfully funded your loan.

Should I ever have an issue with money again and need to be able to secure extra funds in a hurry I certainly know where I can turn to help me in my hour of need.


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