#Blogtober2018 Day 8 : Hearing Them Read #LibrariesWeek

Today, the 8th October is also day 8 of the Blogtober Challenge, today we are focusing on “Hearing Them Read” for #LibrariesWeek.

Are you a member of your local library? We certainly are, although I will openly admit, we dont visit half as much as we should do!

Why Join Your Local Library?

One thing I have noticed over the past 25 years, is that a library isn’t just for borrowing books. A library offers other services too. For example, our main library in Telford Town Centre has various areas, you have tables for sitting at, either for reading, working or relaxing. These tables can also form events, for adults and children. During the recent Summer Holidays I took the kids to meet a puppy from the Dogs Trust. There’s also a computer area, using your library card you can borrow a PC with internet connection to sit at and work, with added printing and scanner services. Interactive tables (which the kids love), with various activities, information and much more on.

The “reading/library” aspect of the building separates the kids books from the adults but all are in the same room. In the kids area there is seating by their book shelves, everything is neat and brightly coloured to make it appealing for children. Whilst also featuring a small play tunnel and climbing area. Low shelves for the youngest of visitors and a book corner with cushions for parents and children to sit, be comfortable and read together.

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When I first joined our library in town I felt slightly put off by my thought of having borrowed a book and having to make a return trip to town to return the book. That’s not the case! Especially in Telford, there are 9 libraries where we can borrow books and return to any other hub. It doesn’t matter, the service is accessible.

Now living in Newport, Telford we have a library only 10 minutes walk from home which we visit regularly. Often throughout the year they have a Lego club which is on after school on a Wednesday, the kids enjoy going, seeing some of their school friends and relaxing after a day at school.

Our Library Cards

Hearing Them Read

I just adore hearing Lewis and Leah read. I find myself amazed most days just how easily, Leah in particular, has picked up her reading skill. She reads fluently and completed her phonics programme back in the Easter Term. Leah now picks up most books and reads with ease, understanding punctuation, grammar and having a good attempt an new words.

For Lewis his progress in reading he struggled with and didn’t complete the phonic programme quite so easily. That said, he now loves a good book… especially if David Walliams or Jeff Kinney are the authors.


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  1. Rachel Simons (@StressedRach)

    10th October 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Our library is a bit away from us BUT we have a mobile library that parks right outside the house every 4 weeks. Absolutely love it. When we do go into town thought and have a bit of spare time I do love going into a proper library #Blogtober18

  2. Kim Carberry

    9th October 2018 at 11:26 am

    Libraries offer so much more than books now. We don’t visit ours as much as we should. I must really make the effort x

  3. Tea and Cake for the Soul

    8th October 2018 at 3:16 pm

    As a teacher there’s no doubt at all that introducing books and story time at a young age increases reading skills, and trips to the library are a wonderful way of letting them choose.

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      9th October 2018 at 12:04 pm

      I absolutely couldnt agree with you more. I will admit I got it wrong with Lewis and kept him pretty much away from the EYFS until he hit reception class, he started with a massive gap from his peers due to my ignorance. With Leah I got it right and can tell she’s way ahead of what Lewis was at the same age.

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