#Blogtober2018 Day 5 : Education #WorldTeachersDay

Good Morning everyone! Day 5 of the #Blogtober Challenge, I am loving reading so many new blogs these past few days and I am feeling pretty positive how much of a good start I have made to this months challenge. Long may it continue.

So today’s, challenge…. Education and World Teachers Day.

Firstly I want to start off by saying – TEACHERS ARE AMAZING!

Teachers really are those kind of magic people who make us who we are, educate us and give us the foundations of life. The shape us, they encourage us and truly inspire us. I remember my education mostly with happy memories, I remember most of my teachers, especially the ones who really encouraged me, wanted the best for me but also made school and learning fun. I remember my primary school and secondary school well.

My Secondary School on the last day I was there.

My Children’s Education

I want my children to experience the encouragement and inspiration I felt when I was in school, I want them to be thrilled with their successes but also work on their mistakes. Each day they both come out of school with tales of their days, thankfully I collect Leah 15 minutes before Lewis, as they go to different schools. So that we can have a good chat about her day before moving onto Lewis’s day. Their tales are usually of something their teacher has done, something their teacher has made them do and something they have been helped with.

Both kids started at their Schools back in January, as we relocated but I have been delighted with their move and progress since.

Lewis’s School

Set in a Junior School Lewis’s school focuses only on KS2 education, and one thing I immediately noticed between going from a Primary School to Junior School was just how much responsibility the kids were given. Responsibility in a good way, but it inspires the kids to be more aware of their actions, of their roles and others around them.

Lewis has now had 2 teachers in this school and both have just been fantastic with him, helping nurture Lewis from a shy and quite boy slowly into a confident young man. His learning has come on leaps and bounds from working towards the national expected standard” to now achieving the national expected standard, all within 5 months from Christmas to Summer holidays. His new teacher is carrying on this trait with Lewis but also pushing him out of his comfort zone by regularly getting him to stand in front of his school – Lewis even shocked me recently by asking if he could take his Archery equipment to school for show and tell.

Focused Fun Days

Over time of Lewis being in this school I cannot help to notice just how much like a huge family the school is, how the teachers are and how happy everyone is to be there. The teachers are always striving to give kids fun tasks and regularly have themed days. I remember one day before the Summer Half Term, the school had a Crime Writing Day and a crime had been staged in the school (but the kids didn’t know it).

In the morning in assembly their headteacher was glum, there had been a break in in the schools library and laptops had been stole, books thrown around the library and other criminal activity. An off duty police officer came in to help for the day, collecting evidence, interviewing staff and visitors whilst asking the children to help. Each class was given the tasks in relation to the crime, Lewis’s year were to design and write up a newspaper article with pictures of the scene, whilst another year (I think year 6) were being TV reporters with the school video camera.

At the end of the day following the involvement of the school and children the police officer “arrested” her criminal as one of the Year 3 teachers.

Lewis said this was his best day ever at his school and regularly talks about this day even now.

Leah’s School

Being based in an Infant School setting focusing on KS1 education Leah’s school is only for the first couple of years in an education system. The beginnings of her long journey through education and learning. Again like Lewis’s school the teachers and staff make learning fun and interesting whilst in a caring environment. Now based in Year 2 Leah has nearly seen through her Infant School journey and she really has blossomed, reading fluently, writing well and now using cursive format. Any triumphs are rewarded, and any “marvelous mistakes” are also too rewarded. Leah comes home daily full of happiness, shadowed from her teacher and really looks forward to returning the next day.

Last night Leah came home with a snowman painting (yep, snowmen in October!), they had been discussing something to do with water. She is already chomping at the bit to get to school this morning as they are making boats today, I can’t wait to hear what she got up to!

Focused Fun Days

Like the Junior School Leah also has activity days, not quite as many and not as deeply focused like her brothers school. But they are days which Leah always comes home with tales about.

On Wednesday they had “no pen Wednesday”, the whole school did no writing at all with pens, opting (according to Leah) to write with candles(?!)! I look forward to finding out more about that when I next speak to her teacher.

All the happiness my kids experience at school is all thanks to my kids Teachers, they are amazing and sound just as amazing as the teachers I had as a child. Its memories like these I really want my children to carry with them through their education and their lives. I’m sure he will remember this for many years to come.

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  1. Kim Carberry

    5th October 2018 at 11:04 pm

    You are right. Teachers are amazing!
    Your children’s schools sound fantastic. The Crime writing day sounds brilliant.
    Ahh! I remember my youngest used to love the no pen days at primary school. For her school it focused on drama, art and music.

  2. Tea and Cake for the Soul

    5th October 2018 at 7:02 am

    As an LSA myself this is lovely to read.

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