#Blogtober2018 Day 12 : Life Right Now

Today I want to talk about what we’ve been up to this week, Life Right Now. Its been a busy ‘ol week it has!



This week apart from long hours at school Lewis has been really busy with her Archery practise. It’s now the winter season, so shooting has moved in doors, but with the weather being so nice we flaunted the rules and stayed outside. Soaking up as much of the last of the heat from the sun as possible. This week we’ve shot Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and will most likely be doing the same again tonight!

Apart from Archery Lewis’s thoughts have also turned to Christmas, he’s eager to make a start on his Christmas List but can’t decide if he wants a new Riser for his bow or this new bike.

Personally I think he should get the Riser and spend winter getting use to his new piece of kit before the summer season BUT he’s outgrown his old bike and this is a monstrous adults bike that he’ll grow into. He loves this bike, his friend at school has it…. I think the colour has swayed him too. Can you see a theme with the colour?


This week Leah delighted us with her singing and sign language at school, performing wonderfully with her class friends in their Harvest Festival. One thing I do like about Leah’s new school is that we are allowed to record and take photos of our children performing, although we are not allowed to share them on social media or web-pages so sadly the recordings I have are for my own viewing. But its nice to have memories for Leah to keep.

Sadly this week Leah decided to end her Rainbows adventure, after spending months pestering me to join I managed to get her a place reserved for her to end it only 2 weeks later. She seemed to be having so much fun too, she knew 2 girls from her school there and always came home with a big smile on her face. What a shame.


On Sunday gone, Sam ran the Chester Marathon, completing the 26 mile course in 4 hrs and 3 mins. He spent the earlier part of the week aching but was out running again by Wednesday.

This week he’s also secured funds and a booking date for our new Dry Cleaner for the shop, with it being installed mid November – he was like a kid on Christmas morning with all this news!


This week has been very nice, I’ve fully enjoyed actually having 2 days off work and really getting my head down to some serious blogging! Its feeling very nice to make a good return this week, planning ahead and making plans for future reviews and work.  I enjoyed our trips to the archery field, even getting time to shoot myself, I scored a personal best on Monday at a Portsmouth round (a 60cm face at a distance of 20 yards – a typical indoor winter round).

I’ve also enjoyed spending a decent amount of time getting my new planner set up, I love my Personal Planner, details to how I like them and they work wonderfully for my needs.

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  1. Kim Carberry

    12th October 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Oh wow! Lewis really is busy with his archery. That is a tough choice between the bike and the part for his bow.
    How lovely that you got to record your girl in the Harvest festival. We were never allowed to. That’s a shame about Rainbows.
    Well done Sam! That is an awesome time for the marathon.
    It sounds like a great week x

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