#Blogtober2018 Day 11 : Kick Ass Girl’s You Adore

Day 11 – 11th October and a day for us. Celebrating International Day Of The Girl!

  • A day to celebrate all things “woman”!
  • A day for us to be recognised for all our hard work and dedication.
  • A day for us to shine, get some time off and rejoice on our special talents!

Who am I kidding?! It’s Thursday and I’m stuck in work, stuck with the kids, stuck at the desk like the rest of you women. No special mention, no special thanks for us being so great. If were lucky we shall get to pee in peace (wishful thinking)!

So instead today I am going to be thinking about the wonderful Kick Ass Girls I Adore, the girls who inspired my teenage years, the women who inspire me today!

Before we get started, its only fair we start the day off with a very cheesy song celebrating girls – Sugababes : Girls!

Here’s my top 4 Kick Ass women.

Alanis Morissette

Love this woman, and have done since a very early teenage years. Being a fan of Alanis is something brought on by my Dad, I always remember being out and about in his car listening to Ironic on the radio, or Hand In My Pocket, they were both favourites of his. Even today Dad is still bound to have a good sing along should he hear on of her tracks. When I was about 16 my Dad had 2 tickets to go and see her in concert, both Mum and Dad were suppose to go but Mum decided at last minute she didn’t want to go. I was very quick to snap up the ticket and had a fantastic evening!

J.K. Rowling

Again, another woman who shaped up my teenage years with her marvelous Harry Potter books. I was a little late to this phenomenon only picking up my first book when the Order Of The Phoenix was released, but that didn’t put me off… I got to binge on all 5 books and re-read them again before the final book The Order Of The Phoenix was released sometime later. Even today I still love that collection of books and I just LOVE how she’s keeping the wizarding world alive with Fantastic Beasts. I’ve just pre-ordered the new The Crimes Of Grindelwald, released next month!

Cameron Diaz

A woman who made my difficult High School life a lot easier. I remember watching Charlie’s Angels with a small group of friends and teaming up with 2 of the girls to pretend to be Charlie’s Angels, at the time I had lovely blonde hair so I was instantly Natalie Cook whilst my friends who fitted the bill were Dylan Saunders and Alex Munday. Great and funny memories of times (and friends) gone by.


Going on to today. Adele has to be my absolute female idol. A powerful, strong, inspiring and down to earth woman. Her music I always find to be meaningful, and I’ve never found a song from her I dislike. Watching her live (on TV, I’ve never been lucky enough to get her concert tickets) always sends a shiver down my spine, her voice is amazing. I truly believe with her, “what you see is what you get”, she’s doesn’t seem to be the kind of celebrity to be fake.


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  1. Sonia (@SoniaThorpe)

    11th October 2018 at 6:05 pm

    Oh I totally agree these are all amazing kickass women!

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