#Blogtober2018 Day 10 : Just Be Yourself #WorldMentalHealthDay

Welcome to day 10 of Blogtober 2018! Todays topic is “Just Be Yourself” for #WorldMentalHealthDay.

I’m going to be honest, I am really feeling the pressure with this blog post, the subject being so widely discussed in news, journalism, between friends and family. Its a post I want to be able to talk honest about, not have any backlash and get it right.

Did you know….

One in Four people suffer with some form of Mental Health issue in ANY given year! – That’s 1/4 of the world’s population during a 12 month period! That’s a lot! 

Mental Health is just as important as your physical health and common problems can cover depression and anxiety to rarer problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

My Own Mental Health

Over the years I have faced my own Mental Health issues, some issues I still suffer with today and I don’t think will ever go away. As a teen I was bullied in school, the bullying took a serious toll on my education and I would feel low and scared of going to school or even speaking out. As I left school and went to college these issues vanished, I made a great group of friends and began to feel good about myself again but sadly the knock on effect the bullies had had on me at school has had lasting effects on my overall knowledge and school grades.

Today I am free of what went on at school, I have moved away from those memories and have my own family, supportive husband and a steady and settled life in Shropshire. But with becoming a parent my Mental Health still isn’t great, I now suffer panic attacks and fear, I fear about my children and their futures. Will they be safe at school? Will they even be safe walking up a road? and much more. I’ve just put this down to motherhood and surely every woman feels the same when they have children? I like to feel in control, but if i’m not with them, i’m not in control. Its a vicious circle. Some days I have good days, others not so good.

Another issue I am living with is infertility, at the age of 32 I’m infertile. I feel angry at my body for giving up on me in such a cruel way. I see friends with babies, other friends announcing their pregnancies and I just turn into this green eyed monster and hate my body even more!

All these worries and emotions really does have a knock on effect.

Tips For Coping With Mental Health Problems

With the help of the charity Mind and various sources of information I have found on social media, I am going to give you hints and tips for keeping on top of your own mental health;

  • When I’m at my worst I really do not find Social Media helpful, I find it frustrating and I just need to get away from it. I turn off my PC, my iPad and my Phone just to get away and have some solitude. I find loosing myself in a good book or a favourite TV program (I’m loving Grey’s Anatomy right now) is really helpful and calming, I can turn my own thoughts and negative feelings off and concentrate on something else for a couple of hours.

  • A warm bath is always a good option too, take some of your favourite music with you, something uplifting (I’m a big Ed Sheeran fan right now). I find lying in the bath, listening to the lyrics and finding the beat always a good help. If music isn’t your thing, take that book with you I mentioned in the last point!

  • I’m not a very sociable person, I much prefer to hide rather than go out. My friends tolerate a lot from me, lack of plans to meeting up, cancelling at last minute, they’ve seen it all. But I’ve always found that when I do actually get out of the house and see my friends I instantly feel better and lighter. Make that plan to meet friends, do get cowardice at the end, go and see them! Your friends wont know it but by actually seeing them they are being your support and helping you cope.

  • Healthy eating always helps improve your Mental Health, a good diet keeps your body running smoothly, keeps the right hormones flowing to create a positive energy within you. No alcohol, no high in fat foods; light and homemade meals, these will make you feel better and give you positivity from creating a meal yourself from scratch.

  • Exercise is a good uplifting source too, even if its just a walk. It gets your heart rate pumping, releasing “happy” endorphins. Swimming I believe is suppose to be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

If you particularly finding life hard and need some support please do speak to a member of the team at Mind, having had a friend go through a really rough time about 8 years ago he turned to Mind for support and because of them he’s A LOT better now. He volunteers to help them and other sufferers regularly. They saved my friend!

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  1. mebecomingmum

    10th October 2018 at 11:25 pm

    Such an important topic to raise awareness about, we need to keep the conversation alive. #Blogtober18

  2. TheSouthernerBlogs

    10th October 2018 at 7:32 pm

    You’re so right about healthy eating, exercise and avoiding social media – those are my go-to’s as well. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles too – thankfully, school does come to an end <3

  3. Kim Carberry

    10th October 2018 at 4:52 pm

    “Mental health” covers such a large range of issues. I didn’t realise that is effects 1 in 4 people. That is a lot.
    Sending hugs.
    I get the not being sociable. I am the same. I make an effort to meet up once a week for coffee with them and and you are right I instantly feel happier and lighter. x


    10th October 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Wonderful post! Reminds us how import self-care us❤

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