#Blogtober18 Day 29 : Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet?

Day 29 and I’ve waited all month for this prompt. Id wanted to brag by this time of the month that I’d done at least 80% of my Christmas shopping… But that’s not the case.

In fact I’ve not even done 8% of the shopping,  I’ve not even started! 😱

Later this week brings November, usually by November I am more than 80% there with only bits and bobs to do, I seriously need to get my skates on! 

I’ve asked the kids to write up their Christmas lists, and whilst Lewis has drawn up some good plans and wishes, Leah hasn’t! I’m finding as the kids are getting older that buying gifts for them is difficult. Both the kids save up their pocket money throughout the year to buy toys they really want which leaves me short of ideas for Christmas.
Things on Lewis’s Christmas List include Cozmo, Anki Overdrive, a new bike and a new Riser for his bow. I’d blogged about Lewis’s request for his bike and riser earlier in the month, here. I need to work on him to remove a couple of items from his list as they are all very expensive.
Leah wants a Barbie Aeroplane, LOL Surprise and Paw Patrol Pup Pad… that’s it! 
As the kids go back to school next month and Blogtober will be out of the way I’m going to make the most of my days off from the shop by attacking the Christmas Shopping. I’m going to have to seriously get creative for Leah’s Christmas, getting her some gifts which she will enjoy but also bulk up her stocking. I’m going to be wafting the Smyth’s catalogue under her nose at some point this week just to get some more ideas. 
On the other hand, Lewis is going to have to tame his expectations! Santa (and Mum) seriously cannot afford all of those gifts!
How are your Christmas Shopping plans going?

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