#Blogtober18 Day 26 : Zero Tolerance For

Day 26 of #Blogtober18 and today’s letter is ‘Z’ – we made it through the alphabet so after today we are going to be given certain topics to follow until the month end! Today’s topic is Zero Tolerance For…

I’m going to be quite open here, I can a very short tolerance level, if somethings bothering me, I either voice my complaint (if I know it won’t cause confrontation) or move myself away from it. But here’s a few examples in the past where I’ve actually voiced my annoyance with people. 


Ok, if you know me well enough you will know I swear like a tropper, I’m a northerner and I can’t stop myself, the words just fall out. I swear in front of my kids, they know they can’t say those words and they shout at me for saying them.

One word I cannot say is the c**t word. OH MY GOD, my bloods boiling now as the thought of me actually putting that word on my blog! I absolutely detest that word, and my dislike for it has come from my Mum because I know she hates it too. 

On the daily school run we come by lots of school children on their way to school, either with parents going to their primary schools or alone in groups of other kids going to their secondary schools. Frequently we hear the older children shouting and swearing, being disrespectful and rude. In times we’ve heard children swearing I’ve usually stopped and asked the older children to watch their language around my children, of which they will but soon return to it. My children have now gotten to the point where they even face older peers and ask them to stop swearing too! They have learnt if the request comes from either of them that the older children will stop swearing instantly and feel ashamed for having to be asked to stop by a 6 & 9 year old, its actually rather funny! My kids love the reaction it brings haha! 

Doing this I find has taught my children confidence, knowing they can speak up and voice their opinions in public. I’d have never done that myself as a child! 


One of my pet hates as a parent, and this unfortunately is pointed at my eldest child, Lewis. As a child when I was eating a meal with my family we were always reminded to take small enough bites so we could close our mouth to chew. Despite this message being relayed from me now as an adult to my son, he consistently chomps his food, it absolutely grates me! I will have to continually remind him but within minutes he’s back to chomping, he just shovels his food in like its going to get stolen if he doesn’t eat it quickly enough haha! I suppose that could be the reason for him being 5ft3 at 9 years old! 


Lastly we have a little quiet and sensitive side of me;


One of the things you will never find me do (unless someones absolutely rubbed me up the wrong way) is gossip about other people. I just can’t do it. In life I treat people, even people I don’t particularly like in the exact same way. With respect. 

I always like to think (although I know its not the case) that people would be nice about me behind my back, I can’t bare people being nasty about people. Its so sad and upsetting. 





  1. Kim Carberry

    26th October 2018 at 12:51 pm

    hehehe. I am a swearer too. I hate the c word as well. That is just going too far.
    My teen is a chomper too. I swear you would think she is never fed the way she goes on.

  2. Hazel Jackson

    26th October 2018 at 7:16 am

    My adult kids tell me the c word is used like any other swear word now, it’s not seen as extreme as previous generations do. 🙁 They don’t say it in front of me though.

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      26th October 2018 at 8:47 am

      OMG. I think if i heard it as frequently as I do the other swear words I’d end up slapping someone – Its just a horrid word!

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