#Blogtober18 Day 24 : X-Rays and Broken Bones

Day 24 of #Blogtober18 and today’s letter is ‘X’, and rather fittingly we are talking X-Rays and Broken Bones.

Not going to be the most interesting post from me today unfortunately because, I’ve never broken a bone! I’ve had various xrays and strains etc though.

My X-rays

My earliest memory of having an X-ray was in my mid teens, I’d had an accident at school and hurt my knee, it later turned out I’d strained a ligament which was very painful.

Next up was my wrist, I was about 17(ish) and I’d hurt my wrist somehow and it was rather swollen so went to go get it checked out. Again that was just a strain thankfully as I’d not long learnt to drive my car and didn’t want to loose my driving freedom.

After that I don’t think I had another X-ray until about 2 years ago. It was a sunny and warm morning so to make the most of the weather I decided to hang my washing out before embarking on the school run. On going out to the garden I missed the garden step and fell, in the process I landed horrifically on my ankle, twisted it badly and nearly blacked out through pain. Being at home alone with the kids I had to ask Lewis to grab my phone so I could call my neighbour at the time to come and help, I couldn’t stand on it at all. Long story short, the kids were left with my neighbour and I jumped aboard an ambulance to hospital. Another X-ray later we established I’d fractured my ankle. I was booted up in a funky black space boot, handed a pair of crutches and told to take it easy for up to 4 weeks. I blogged about Booty McBootface here and here.

4 days later of being trapped at home, the kids being taken too and from school with my neighbour, cabin fever set in. I was desperate to get out, I couldn’t cope being home anymore. Off came the horrid boot, and on went a much lighter support and with my crutches off on the school run I went.

I don’t do being poorly.

The Kids X-Rays

I don’t have clumsy kids at all so I have absolutely nothing major to report when it comes to their X-Rays really.


Lewis has had the grand total of zero X-Rays.


Meanwhile Leah’s had 2, as a toddler Leah suffered a lot with pulled elbows, the first one happening whilst she was at Nursery, after her nursery leader was encouraging her to come in doors. You see, Leah’s joint was that soft an such a simple tug or even holding her hand and her pulling the other way would cause the injury and pain. Her teacher was devastated, I was upset but went about the channels of sorting Leah out before taking the matter further (if needed). I never lodged a complaint of anything as the Paediatrician at the hospital explained to me what it was (after the X-Ray) and explained it would probably happen more as Leah grows up, she had a week elbow joint but would toughen up in the coming years. It actually happened another 5-6 times in the space of 18 months, each time requiring a trip back to A&E to have it fixed.

In the end because I knew the signs and what treatment Leah required she didn’t need any further X-Rays, I’d simply arrive at hospital, request a Paediatrician to pop her elbow back and we’d be on our way again.

That was until the last time we went for treatment.

On our last trip to A&E (Leah was about 4 at this stage) we were greeted by a very young, newly qualified doctor who didn’t really like me from the off as I knew what Leah needed. He was rather rude with me for requesting a Paediatrician, explaining there was protocol he had to follow and route he had to take to achieve his diagnosis, he wouldn’t accept that I knew what it was when it was clear from her medical records she’d been in previously for the same treatment on the same arm. At this point I think he saw alarms ringing. He requested an X-Ray which we followed knowing it’d proved what I said, whilst he went to a more senior member of staff and Paediatrician to enquire an intervention from Social Services as he thought I was abusing my daughter!

Anyway, an X-Ray later in walked the junior Doctor and Peadiatrician, the junior Doctor was looking very shifty and in the end he was extremely apologetic. The Paediatrician had to explain to him he’d dealt with Leah numerous times in the past and knew of her. He soon put the junior doctor in his place and no doubt told him the pain caused to Leah for her X-Ray was a complete waste of time.

In a way I can’t blame him for being on high alert, there are abused children out there that do need saving, but certainly not mine! I really do hope he is still on high alert to this day.

Have you ever broken a bone? How did you cope?



  1. Kim Carberry

    24th October 2018 at 11:43 am

    Eek! Your ankle sounded bad. I think I would be the same now. I would hate being stuck in the house.
    Aww! Poor Leah! I suppose the junior doctor was just being extra careful but surely from her medical records he could see that there was nothing amiss happening x

  2. StressedMum (@stressedmum01)

    24th October 2018 at 10:45 am

    I have never broken a bone before, I have shared an old post today about when my Daughter had a sprial fracture, we laugh about it now as I tell her if she is going to do something like that she has to have a dramatic story to tell x

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