#Blogtober18 Day 23 : Wish-list For The Future

I think its only fair to say absolutely everyone has a wish-list or some sorts. Perhaps wish-list of holiday destinations you want to visit? A wish-list for gadgets your really want to have? A wardrobe wish-list? A wish-list for your career perhaps? How about a wish-list for your family and children’s lives? In my eyes these all contribute to a Wish-list For The Future, right?

Continuing with #Blogtober18 and today’s topic of “Wish-list For The Future”, here’s my wish-list focusing on all the topics above…

Holiday Destinations I Want To Visit

I’ve never really had many foreign holidays before, as a teen I holidayed with my parents at Christmas and went to the West Indies for a couple of years, since then I’ve only left the country twice, holidaying in Tenerife when the kids were younger and visiting a friend in Germany without the family for a couple of days.

But now I’m getting older I really am building a wish-list of countries I’d love to visit. I know I’m going to have to wait a while longer yet as I want to do sight seeing as well as trying the local delicacies especially in Japan, Leah would NEVER eat whilst we were there. She’s a terrible eater and basically lives off Cheese Sandwiches, so going here with her is a complete no-go.  I’d also like to go to Sydney, Australia and no doubt other places but i’d love to witness life “down-under”. And lastly, I’d like to go back to Grenada (in the West Indies), I have fantastic memories of this island but I was sad to hear of being severely damaged during a hurricane season quite a few years ago. Its a wonderful island and the locals are just amazing.

Gadget’s I Really Want To Have

This is a topic I know a close friend of mine will smile from ear-to-ear about, when we met I was a through-and-through Android girl. I’d never bat an eyelid at an Apple phone, that was until 2 years ago when myself and my husband get business contracts through the business which were Apple devices. I instantly just loved my new Apple gadget and its seriously easy and quirky usage. Since then I’ve bought myself an Apple Watch and even an iPad, I just love how they now all interact with each other all on one account.

I seem to have caught the “Apple bug”, and recently I’ve been finding myself looking at Apple MacBooks and iMacs. I’d love to have my PC work alongside my phone/iPad for serious ease of use, but I am very apprehensive of such a big change from Windows to Mac. I have only ever used a Mac properly once before when I was in secondary school (over 15 years ago!), and even then I couldn’t get my head around how to use it so gave up and returned to the trusty Windows PC.

Photo Credit : MacWorld

Wardrobe Wish-list

Yep, being a woman we all have a wardrobe wish-list, perhaps those new boots you always wanted? Or a gorgeous summer dress which you want to shed some lb’s for before next summer? Maybe, that stunning winter knit for the upcoming winter season?

Being a Dry Cleaner I see many of different styles of clothing, all from different big named brands such as Primark all the way up to Ted Baker and further! But I seriously have dress envy over one of our customers dresses, she religiously shops at Ted Baker and these dresses are just gorgeous on her.

I think my wish-list in this aspect is to actually have the balls to wear some gorgeous dresses like these? Wardrobe goals perhaps?


This one really is a tough one for me, the birth of my children brought about the end of the career I ever wished for. But that said, I highly doubt we’d be where we are today if I’d stuck with my intended career. You see, I’ve always been into Admin, I left school and trained in Admin, did a Modern Apprenticeship as an Administration for a fantastic group of people in Lancashire before moving to Shropshire and stayed with it until 6 years ago. I think it’s one of the reason’s I get on so well with blogging, I like being sat at my desk and letting my brain be creative.

I have chosen to come back to blogging as I could feel my brain go stagnent, it needed something to push some creativity going again. Dry Cleaning, despite being a healthy industry and business to be in, it’s not quite “my thing”, but I wouldn’t be without it.

Doing what I do today, means I can work part-time. I work around the kids school hours and holidays but also give Sam the flexibility to take time off and man the business in his absence. It’s not overly ideal for taking quality time off as a family as the business ideally needs either of us there to function but it’s our business, its what happens I suppose working for yourselves.

I suppose my wish here for the future is to be able to go back to work full time, back to an admin type of job but I know that’s still a good 10 years away when Leah will be 16 and Lewis 19 and they won’t be so reliant on me.

Future For My Family and Children

As a family of 4 we don’t really have any help or support from our extended family, what you see with the 4 of us is pretty much what you get. We are a very close family, we have to be. I need my children to feel happy, loved and cared for (again this is a reason I don’t work full-time and put the children in Out Of School care settings). As they grow up I want them to really see the hard work that myself and my husband put into raising them, giving up my goals and replacing them with their goals to mould their lives.

I really want us to stay a strong unit, know we are all here for each other and if the kids can’t talk to me, I want them to know they can talk to their Dad. And that any problems can be discussed and dealt with accordingly.

In their future, I want them to be as loving with their relationships and families as Sam and I have been. I want them to be strong minded, seek and fight for what they want in their futures and always walk around with their head held high.

What’s your wish-list for the future?




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  1. Hazel Jackson

    24th October 2018 at 5:51 am

    Lovely goals for your family. As much as it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, the qualities and morals you instill in your children when they’re little do rub off 🙂

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